Dole? Is that all Burns could come up with?

There’s a lot to talk about today.

First, Elizabeth Dole’s in town to talk up our nation’s least popular Senator, Conrad Burns:

Dole said the hundreds of thousands of dollars spent by national Democrats for ads against Burns are "so offensive" and amounted to "character assassination."

"They cannot beat him on the issues," she said. "His opponents are not taking positions on the issues."

Honestly, does any sane person still believe that Conrad Burns is being framed by “national Democrats”? Burns has done this to himself, and to Montana, too. If the circumstantial evidence tying Burns to Abramoff's illegal operations weren’t already overwhelming, the recent emails published by the Associated Press should push some of even the staunchest doubters into belief.

Dole’s rhetoric – perfectly in tune with Burns’ – appears to count on Montana voters not being educated on the issue. I think it’s counterproductive. Independents and conservative Democrats who would otherwise vote for Burns might resent being taken for fools. But then the strategy is probably aimed at Republican loyalists who are begging for the illusion that Burns is actually a straight-up kinda’ guy. After all, Burns has to win a primary first.

(Thanks to the Gazette report, I discovered that Dole has some “accounting irregularities” in her campaign past, too. No wonder she’s sympathetic to our junior Senator.)

Another question that leaps to mind: why Dole? It’s not like she’s much of a celebrity nationally, or even in Montana. Well, other than as the wife of a failed presidential candidate.

Where’s McCain? He’s out and about stumping for other candidates, why not Burns? McCain’s appearance would be a great boost for Burns: McCain is very popular with voters on all ends of the political spectrum, and he projects an image of integrity.

Perhaps it’s because McCain, with an eye on a 2008 presidential bid, doesn’t want to be associated with a politico under investigation by the Department of Justice. Maybe McCain’s earlier efforts at campaign finance reform were aimed at politicians like Conrad Burns. Maybe McCain doesn’t like the guy.

I admit it’s wild speculation. But still, with a valuable Senate seat on the line, it seems foolish that a high-profile and popular Republican would ignore the Montana race. H*ll, the president recently stumped for Burns…

  1. Yeah, the blame for the slander against Conrad Burns lies solely with the facts. Fortunately, truth is an absolute defense against slander and libel charges.

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