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Creep: bob t.

"What's right in Montana!" has provided me some useful material to write about lately. It's quite amusing sometimes. And let me say that I like the site's founder, Eric Coobs. I disagree with almost 100% of his politics, but I think he's a straight-up working joe who I would love to have a beer with some day.

But some of the folks who leave comments on the site are quite…repulsive. Really. This is not hyperbole. Today, for example, I read probably the creepiest opinion I've ever seen on Iraq, humanity, everything. It's so creepy it…well…read it for yourself. (Warning: You may want to bathe after reading this post.)

I can’t think of a single war that wasn’t based on some flimsy excuse. So not finding weapons of mass destruction in Iraq doesn’t bother me at all, anymore than the “Domino Theory” bothered me when it was supposed to be the reason for going into Vietnam.

The essential idea then was to destroy Indochinese Communism, just as the essential idea now is to destroy Islamic fundamentalism.

This guy still supports Vietnam! If he had his way, we'd probably still be there!

First point: The Democrats’ version of American democracy is very sick. You couldn’t get a single soldier to fight in Iraq if he thought for a moment it was to spread Democrat “values.” Analogy: Massachusetts couldn’t raise a single brigade to fight for the Union in the Civil War if the liberals (abolitionists) told the soldiers the war was to free the darkies. So the soldiers were told the war was to save the Union. It wasn’t until years later, when the freed slaves starting competing for jobs in the shipyards of Boston, that the soldiers understood what they had actually done.

First…Democratic values…sick? Freedom from government intrusion? A balanced budget? Accessible, affordable health care? Wages high enough to actually live off of? Civil liberties for all, not just the people you like? These things are sick?

Second, Massachusetts regiments actually did volunteer to free the slaves. (Darkies?) In the first days of the war Massachusetts troops marching through New York City (of ambivalent feelings toward the war) almost touched off a riot as they sang the "Battle Hymn of the Republic." Massachusetts was state of extreme anti-abolitionist sentiment. A better analogy would be New York or Pennsylvanian regiments.

Of course, we aren't fighting for Democrats' values in Iraq. We're fighting for…for…oil? Bush's ego? No one really knows actually.

And then…there's a strange whiff — actually a reek of racism in this section, isn't there? You almost get the feeling bob t. regrets the slaves were emancipated. Those poor white dockworkers! All that pesky competition from freedmen. It wasn't worth it, was it?

Second point: I support the war in Iraq only for the purposes of destroying Islamic fundamentalism, permanently pacifying the population (such as we did to the Japs in WWII), and for controlling the energy supplies of the Middle East. I could not care less about bringing democracy to Iraq, especially the diseased form of it you liberals have created in this country. And I don’t care if Israel is “wiped off the face of the earth,” as the president of Iran recently threatened. If I had my choice, I would prefer to see Iran wiped off the face of the earth first and then Syria, but I really don’t care who gets wiped off or in what order. They are all savages to me, or at best quasi-humans. The only important goal is that their numbers be radically reduced, and that those who survive, if any, pose no threat to Europe, the United States, or the energy supplies of the Middle East.

I don't need to add any comment to this section do I? Feeling dirty yet? Especially you Japs probably. Or anybody Jewish. Or, heavan forbid, if you happen to have darkish, olive complexions.

It's rhetoric like this that makes you realize why a Nazi filed as a Republican for a state legislative race.

Third point: I have no idea what President Bush is up to in Iraq, and he probably doesn’t know either. Blind historical forces are at work, and they simply must play themselves out.

This is the only point in the entire comment I agree with. Fortunately "popular sentiment" is a strong component of "blind historical forces."

Fourth Point: If you Democrats don’t think your “values” are worth fighting for, I can understand that. Nobody in his right mind would fight for them.

Au contraire, Mr. "bob t." I do think my values are fighting for. For example, I'm a big fan of the Constitution. Thus my financial and time support for the Democratic candidates in the upcoming midterm election.

You know, one way to judge a blog is by the character and beliefs of those that support your ideas in the comments. If the comments are civil and intelligent, you're on to something. If the comments are filled with racist, sexist, and homophobic dreck, well…you reap what you sow.

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