Why hate Hillary?

In today's Billings Gazette, reader Daniel Hathaway asks a simple question

Seems strange that GOP should vilify Hillary Clinton

After hearing Sen. Burns' new political ad, I was struck with the question, why do the conservatives hate Hillary Clinton and Ted Kennedy so much?

I recognize Ted Kennedy had a scandal involving the death of Mary Jo Kopechne, and he is unabashedly liberal. However, I wish someone would enlighten me, and tell me specifically what Hillary did that was so terrible as to warrant their hatred of her. Her signature issue involving health care merely shows that she has compassion for the millions of Americans without access to medical care.

They are trying to vilify Hillary, but they have no specific issues, and she has done nothing illegal or immoral that I am aware of. Of course, there is the witch hunt that Ken Starr led, costing us many millions of dollars and led to nothing.

I've always wondered this, too. What did Hillary Clinton do to earn the enmity of so many conservatives? Clinton has pursued moderate to conservative policies while in the Senate. And while she played a larger political role than most First Ladies in American history, she did follow in the tradition of Dolly Madison and Elenor Roosevelt. Plus with her job experience and education she was more qualified to play a role in the White House than, well, our current president.

And it's a good question to ask, too, because it's likely she'll be gunning for the White House in 2008. She could be our next president!

The only reason I see for the Hillary-hate is some deep-rooted convictions in traditional-minded men that women should be docile, quiet, and passive. Hillary's outspoken demeanor, her naked ambition, her strong political canniness all play against their expectations. It's like they see her as a psychological freak, a twisted "he-girl" or something.

I say it's time we stop letting these paleo-conservatives dictate how we talk about our politicians. If you don't like H. Clinton's policies, fine. Name them and explain why they're bad. If you're going to spew misogynist garbage, I'm not listening.

  1. jesse


    Doesn’t really answer your question, but I’m with Molly.

  2. I don’t dislike Hillary as a person, I just disagree with a lot of her politics. She came up with a plan for the government to take over health care, and run it like the post office that was so bad that not even one Democrat voted for it.

    I think she’s a political opportunist, moving from Arkansas to New York, where a liberal actually has good election prospects.

    She’s a gun-grabber, supporting any legislation that would require registering your guns.

    And that’s just a few reasons.

    I think she’s been really wronged by her husband, Bill Clinton, as he convinced her to go out and suppport him, and then she found out he was lying to her.

    Maybe she’s partly to blame for his philandering, after all, if you don’t feed a cat at home, he’ll be out in the garbage, right?

  3. I’m not a Hillary fan anymore, for all the reasons Molly Ivins listed, but I am appalled that anyone could place the blame on her for Bill’s sexploits. “If you don’t feed a cat at home?” Really, it’s like this bizarre billboard campaign the Czech government had near its border regions urging German and Austrian wives to give it up for their husbands so that they wouldn’t have to visit Czech brothels.

    Men are not animals being led around by their penises; there is free will involved.

    As for Hillary, I used to count her among my heroes, but she has caved far too many times for the sake of political expediency for me to feel as if she could be a truly effective candidate for national office. But I certainly don’t use her name as an epithet, as those on the Far Right do.

  4. Good reasons. But still, why does Burns’ staff wave Clinton as the banner of all things bad with liberalism?

    Even Ivins uses some of the code words often associated with H Clinton:

    Enough triangulation, calculation and equivocation. Enough clever straddling, enough not offending anyone…

    I mean, couldn’t this be said about any of the prime Democrats? Even Feingold. Some say his presidential censure proposal was grandstanding for his own presidential ambitions. (It worked for me.) Aren’t these attributes common to most politicians? Why single out Hillary Clinton?

  5. I think for me it has to do with expectations versus reality, which I will totally admit is not fair. I hold/held her to a higher standard because she started off with such promise and has slowly seemed to relinquish every firm stand she’s ever taken. I remember in 1993 going out to Washington DC and hoping against hope just to catch a glimpse of her–she seemed to have it all going on. Now it like she’s just pandering to the middle like all the scaredy-Dems.

    True enough that this does not make her any different from other politicians, but I guess that’s the point. When we first got to know her, it seemed like she would be.

  6. Ironically, there’s a press clip with a photo of Burns standing next to Hillary and complimenting her.

    What a hypocritical tool.

  1. 1 4&20 blackbirds » Blog Archive » Al Core and the courage of conviction

    […] In a post I wrote on Friday accusing Hillary Clinton bashers of being guilty of paleo-conservative misogyny, I asked for some critical challenges to Clinton's policy, not the personality constructed by a hostile right-wing pundits. Well, I got some, including a cool link from jessie to a Molly Ivins editorial declaring her un-support for Sen. Clinton’s presidential bid. The excerpt relevant to this post on Gore: The recent death of Gene McCarthy reminded me of a lesson I spent a long, long time unlearning, so now I have to re-learn it. It's about political courage and heroes, and when a country is desperate for leadership. There are times when regular politics will not do, and this is one of those times. There are times a country is so tired of bull that only the truth can provide relief […]

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