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Creep: Mike Dey

Today’s creep, Mike Dey of Missoula, was an easy target. His letter:

Motherhood out of wedlock is dangerous Every day when I turn on the radio I hear this ad that says that the most dangerous thing we do is not putting our children in a booster seat.

After some thought I came to the conclusion that condoning out-of-wedlock births by society is far more dangerous. In the months of February and March, 109 children were born, 43 of whom were out of wedlock, according to statistics in the Missoulian. This is almost 50 percent. There are reasons for being a single mother, but out-of-wedlock births should not be one of them.

Statistically, these 43 children will have more trouble with the law and have a poorer education than the children of a two-parent family.

It is time to quit glorifying motherhood out of wedlock.

 First, nitpicking, 43 of 109 births make it 39%, not "nearly half." 

Second, his statistics don't cover unmarried, two-parent families. I have several friends involved in relationships like this. They seem to be doing fine. 

We’re glorifying single-parent families? Uh oh, looks like I missed that directive in the latest liberal newsletter. Or is this guy still dealing with Murphy Brown?

The irony here is that Mr. Dey is probably against abortion, too.

As a parent, I can testify that all parents wish they had more help. And you can bet your sweet *ss that every single mom wishes she had an additional, responsible adult in the house to help out, not only with child care, but with bills.

The problem is more likely that these mothers either don’t want the father in the picture, or the father doesn’t want to be in the picture himself. And would Mr. Dey prefer unhappy marriages? I wonder how the children of abusive or drug-addicted fathers score on his little statistical spreadsheet.

Mistakes happen. They always have. They always will, no matter if you outlaw out-of-marriage sex, ban sex toys, or hang purity lockets around your pre-pubescent daughters’ necks. Instead of demonizing single moms – which won’t make them any less “dangerous,” according to Dey’s criteria – maybe we should consider solving the institutional problems that challenge single moms – like affordable day care – that will allow their kids to prosper.

Uh oh. Looks like the quality of my blog is falling off. Last time I checked in with a report on what brings Internet surfers to my site, it was a search for "erotic liberated Christian blogs."

Now it's "male chastity belt blogs."

Do you think I'm restraining myself too much?


Oops! Sorry about that. US to free 141 from Guantanamo. So…how long did we hold them? And…they’re innocent? And we did what to them?

Looks like the new conservative PM of Canada is following the Bush administration’s reprehensible practice of ignoring their dead soldiers killed in Iraq…“[Candada] I used to think you were cool.” Indeed.

The writing on the wall: Conrad Burns hires a lawyer. Just in case, right?

Morrison to skip the Missoula debate? Afraid of Missoula? Hardly. Morrison was trembling in his boots at the thought of encountering blogger extraordinaire, yours truly, who plans on attending the event.

Oops! It looks like we broke Iraq. Of course administration officials claimed that, with all that oil, Iraq would be able to fix itself! That’s working, right?

And how’s that Iran plan looking? Former NSA advisor says we shouldn’t attack

Rove to testify before Plame grand jury for the fifth time. You go, Karl. I wonder how you’d look in an orange jumpsuit?

Max Blumenthal rips David Horowitz. Actually this is even easier than it sounds. Does anyone take Horowitz seriously?

Official Smithsonian portrait of Bill Clinton missing his wedding band! Hm…

Sure, let the “free market” provide for our health. Unfortunately it’s more profitable to deny you coverage than it is to actually pay your medical bills. Oh yeah, and the high prices of policies are driving up the number of uninsured. Sounds to me like these businesses are “injuring” their “fellow men.”

Apparently making Plan B an over-the-counter medication will give rise to teen sex cults. Or at least that’s what administration-appointed FDA officials say. Oh yeah, one drug opponent said the medication is “a pedophile’s best friend.” You figure that one out. I’m going to hose myself down.

Did you know the Bush family harbors terrorists? No joke. Right-wing Cuban terrorists. No comment necessary.

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