Today will be a slow day because…I'm going to the debate! I'll have my computer with me and hopefully be able to write up a summary as the debate rages…'tho I'm going to miss Morrison.

On with the links!

Must watch trailer for a new spinoff of “V is for Vendetta”: “C is for Cookie.”

Israel-Iran war likely? The LA Times’ Rosa Brooks thinks it will happen by Semptember. You think the US gives a hand? That won’t enrage an already tense alliance with Iraqi Shiites, you think?Busted! Hastert does appearance to promote alternative fuels and dives off in a hydrogen-fueled car…only to be dropped off a few blocks away to where his SUV was parked. Picture included.

Bill O’Reilly should hire a research assistant. He accuses a dead man of attacking him. How is it this clown has his own show?

Now there’s sex involved in the Republican lobbying scandal: K Street’s “hospitality suites.” Kos has a bunch of juicy links.

Here’s another Republican scandal, mysterious losses in money appropriated for Iraq. Ho-hum. Just another money thing.

According to Digby, crippling FEMA was part of master plan to prove government doesn’t work. Self-fulfilling prophecies, these. Incompetence, idiocy, tools of the divine?

Is there a plan to solve the Mideast crisis by contracting our defense industry to Dubai? What is with Dubai, anyway? Do they hold Bush gambling chits, or what?

TPMCafe: “John Morrison slapped around by the blogs.” Wulfgar!’s notoriety extended another day.

Bill Kristol asked tough questions on the Colbert show, Kristol flummoxed: why is it fake journalists conduct better interviews?

Photo over at Talking Points Memo that may show who’s the real boss in the administration. *Yawn.* Tell us something we didn’t already know.

Budge has a post with actual suggestions on how to fix the health-care FUBAR, though it seems to ignore the claims in the Krugman/Wells essay and doesn’t actually seem to solve the problems with our health-care system. I guess I could write a post about it. Nah. Let me just say any system that relies on insurance companies lowering prices and employers increasing pay ain’t gonna happen.

  1. I guess that rules out copying both the French and German models bucasue, if you had read Dale Frank’s links I posted, both rely on private insurance companies to facilitate payments and neither is a “single payer” system.

  2. You don’t seem to be interested in copying any European system. Or are you? Which system do you think is the best? Which system should we look to for guidance? Or do you think we should follow the recommendations you cited?

    I’m not crazy about your suggestions because they imply health is a commodity. There are something things I think we should treat differently…

    (Mmm-mmm, someone’s eating buttered popcorn nearby…mmmmm…I’m not hungry or anything…)

    PS – How did you like my play?

  3. I think, as I said in my post the other day, that all systems have problems that U.S. citizens will find hard to accept when proposed. I would favor any system that optimizes costs, allows for innovation, maximizes service and is accessible by everyone (I’m not a heartless cretin).

    Having said that, I think that Frank’s short list is over-simplified and several other things need to be done. But I’ll reserve that for another post since each piece is so arcane. For example, the AMA has constantly held that the U.S. consumer is subsidizing foreign countries, like Canada, prescription drug purchases. Also, the U.S. consumer pays somewhere between 2 and 4 times the amount spent per capita on medical malpractice. U.S. insurance companies may need a significant does of regulation in order to get them to change their business practices. There are a host of other issues that I’ll address (or find material for) that give a more market based model greater paucity.

    And about your “play” – let me respond with a question. Would you enjoy being the brunt of farcical satire? One can argue when one is called wrong. One has not that luxury when being made fun of. But I’m sure you all had a good laugh.

  4. The TPM Cafe? You have got to be f*cking kidding me!

  5. I kid you not, Wulfgar! This is actually the second post about the Montana blogosphere on the TPM cafe.

    Sorry if I hurt your feelings, DB. I wasn’t unfair to your character, though, was I? I mean, I didn’t make you a pedophile or anything. Just a curmudgeon. BTW, yes, I have been the object of farcical satire that was MUCH worse than this and accompanied by pics of me and my wife. So I know. This is gentle teasing, my friend.

    If you’d like, I’ll change your name in the play.

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