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Way too much news about the Bush administration today. If you can’t bear to look at any of the stuff that’s going to p*ss you off (most of it), be sure to at least click on the link to the Colbert story. His roast of the President – to his face – is simply fantastic.

Bushisms: Pogie uncovers some Presidential hypocracy on the topic of illegal immigrants; Matt Singer finds a post about the 750+ laws he’s broken; and the Carpetbagger Report says Bush lost his mojo and new CoS, Michael, er, John Bolton is looking for it.

Why does the Bush administration hate the First Amendment?

Bush does not mean us well, and he isn’t trying to protect us. You think the post exaggerates the administration’s authoritarian tendencies? What about the California man who was convicted for his ideas, not his actions?

Columbia Journalism Review: The administration planted false stories with the media to support its justification for invading Iraq.

Apparently the administration pressured Homeland Security official to go easy on the President before 2004 election. This administration would never place political gain above national security, would they?

Someone finally sticks it to Bush and makes it sting. Colbert lampoons Bush at the White House Correspondent Dinner this past weekend, and apparently the President was not at all amused. Cry me a river. (Transcripts and video available.)

The GOP’s Racist ‘Big Tent.’” I think the title sums it up nicely.

Joe Biden suggests partitioning Iraq into three zones to avoid all-out civil war. Hey, at least it’s an idea, something totally alien to the administration.

Kevin Drum: Hardliners in the US and Iran are ensuring no workable peace can be made between the two countries. “And the rest of us? Stuck in the middle as usual.”

Don’t look now, but it looks like Iran is actually going through with attempt to break the back of the US economy. Is it time to panic yet?

The economy up! For everybody but wage earners: “For the reality-based dwellers of the real world, put aside the CPI measured inflation fiction and consider actual cost of living increases: your purchasing power was down between 5 – 10%.”

Freepers now officially “Keyboard Commandos”: apparently blogs, not boots on the ground, will win the Iraq war.

Activist court goes easy on scumbag drug abuser. They should have thrown the book at this guy.

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