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The Missoula Independent did a nice job summing up the candidates. Keenan “looked a little like a spooked cat.” Huffman, “seemed so overwhelmed with frustration at the cause of underpaid laborers in an ever-more-expensive world that he forgets, if he ever knew, his proper political classification.”

How about the Democratic candidates?

That’s where Tester, State Auditor John Morrison and former state legislator Paul Richards sat, looking like a perfect little 3-ply microcosm of the modern Democratic Party: Morrison in his dark suit, white shirt and politician’s haircut; Paul Richards with his balding pate and beard, a paradigm-shifting radical with one foot in Dennis Kucinich’s website and another in 1972; and Tester, the flat-topped organic farmer from Big Sandy riding a rock star’s endorsement and publicity photos full of hay.

Like many others in the Montana blogosphere wondering when, and if, Tester is going to get aggressive, the Independent notes the farmer has been “quiet,” “all Schweitzer-style charisma and petty cash.”

Morrison gets a note about his scandal. And, of course, our favorite, though hapless, liberal:

And Richards, though he’s transparently correct about almost everything, is clearly unelectable.

In other candidate-related news, Morrison has come out with a new commercial touting a health care bill passed by the state legislature. Other interesting points about the commerical:

"Here in Montana, we know good ideas don't come with a party label. On health care, we needed to expand coverage without more bureaucracy. So we did.

What’s all this about party labels and good ideas? What the h*ll does this mean? Does this mean he thinks Dems don’t have good ideas? Um…isn’t health care reform largely a Democratic strong suit?

This idea of rejecting “party labels” goes along nicely with Morrison’s failing to mention he’s running as a Democrat in his ad. Apparently Max Baucus did the same thing in his 2002 campaign. But, um, that’s not very reassuring somehow.

Perhaps these kind of maneuvers make Morrison the primary favorite. Montana is a conservative state after all…or is it? I guess we’ll find out if running as Republican-lite goes over better with voters when all’s said and done.


Pogie discovers that 84% of oil-related PAC money goes to Republicans. And guess who leads the pack? Boss Hogg Burns, that’s who.

Wulfgar! urges the more electable Democratic candidate to start attacking his primary opponent, not Burns. Interesting suggestion.

Matt Singer, too, urges Tester to step it up. Tick, tock, people. Time is running out. If we’re to save Western Civilization, we need some more action….

Isikoff points out the obvious: the Moussaoui trial was a side show. The real killers, ones we’ve caught – Khalid Shaikh Mohammed and Ramzi bin al-Shibh – can’t be tried. Why? Because of “aggressive interrogation techniques” used on them.

Unethical pharmaceutical practices deepen: woman denied anti-biotic because she had gotten the prescription from a clinic. That’s right, fundie pharmacists will deny you service if you simply use a clinic as a health-care provider!

Colbert on Colbert: “Very respective silence. The crowd practically carried me out on their shoulders, although I wasn't actually ready to leave…”

Is anti-immigration really so prevalent among working-class Americans? Kevin Drum offers some anecdotal evidence that hints “joe sixpack” actually sympathizes with illegals.

Laura Bush claims the “Mission Accomplished” appearance by her husband was intended for the USS Abraham Lincoln…only. To aid her in this claim, J R Hand has thoughtfully revised Bush’s speech that day to reflect this “new reality.”

Rising health-care costs starting to bump the middle class from insurance rolls. Who’ll have insurance in five years?

A bat-sh*t rightie tries to stir up fears of “Reconquista” — a plot by Mexicans to “reclaim” the US Southwest. Only problem, it’s all a twisted Malkin fantasy.

Salon’s Boehlert takes a look a “Lapdogs” and the media’s complicity with the Bush administration.

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