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There’s an interesting interview in The Hill with Bob Keenan, who claims he’s running against Boss Hogg Burns because he’s “his friend.”

“It was as much a service to the Republican Party and to Conrad, that he not just slide through a primary and have the kind of polling numbers that he has,” Keenan said. “It’s hugely important to me that Republicans maintain this U.S. Senate seat, and so that’s what I did — I put my name on the ballot.”

Some friend.

While it is true Keenan has studiously avoided talking about anything related to Jack Abramoff – which would be Keenan’s only real hope at making a dent in this race – and it is true the primary gives Burns a chance to spit out his talking points, Keenan did hire a pollster to tell us all that Burns is unelectable.

I shouldn’t be too hard on Bob Keenan. Let’s recall the self-described moment he decided to enter the race:

The tipping point for him on the U.S. Senate race came March 13 as he listened to a regular Monday morning weekly conference call with top Montana Republicans. It included state Republican Chairman Karl Ohs, campaign managers for Burns and Rep. Denny Rehberg, legislative leaders and others…Keenan described it as a business-as-usual meeting, discussing bus tours and other campaign matters. Then he finally spoke out, referring to Burns' electability problems because of the Abramoff scandal.

"I just feel that we are out of touch," Keenan says, recounting what he said, "When are we going to talk about the elephant in the living room? The perception of the people I talk to around the state is we have an electability problem."

Maybe Keenan is a real friend of the Republican Party and Conrad Burns. The kind of friend that spearheads the intervention for the alcoholic or drug abuser. The kind of friend that gets his friend the help he needs.

Let’s face it. Burns doesn’t represent conservative “values.” He’s not fiscally responsible. He doesn’t favor small, non-intrusive government. He’s a pork merchant. He’s made a very fair contribution to the federal government’s wayward spending by adding unneeded appropriations as earmarks onto legislation. He’s blindly supported the President’s illegal spying activities, helping expand the power and presence of the federal government in our daily lives. And he’s raised taxes.

So maybe Keenan’s intervention is truly “friendly.” Any true conservative would be up and arms against Burns, too.

Or maybe Keenan's just throwing his "friend" under a bus and getting name recognition for his 2008 gubernatorial bid.


National Geographic has a feature on World Cup soccer! Yipee! I can’t wait!

Hero Jean Rohe appears on Countdown with Keith Olbermann.

Public Citizen – Congress Watch put out a report (pdf) on lobbyists who contribute the most money to Congressmen, and the Congressmen who take their money. (Conrad Burns makes all the lists!)

Speaking about corrupt Congressmen, Dennis Hastert gets all worked up about the FBI’s raid on crooked Rep. William Jefferson’s office. Hey, when you roll over for the administration, you get to keep your perks, right? By the way, good Dems should demand Jefferson’s resignation. We don’t support crooks.

That NSA wiretapping? Apparently they’re tracking more than just your phone records

The Bush administration has been using “state secrets privilege” to keep itself out of the courts. The administration is running amok, and here are the top ten signs of the impending police state. Heck, the administration is downright anti-American! I’m gonna say it…if you support Bush, you are not a patriot.

Never haven rejected an editorial idea because of its inanity, the Missoulian tries to scare us with the specter of an overcrowded and expensive America. Full of brown people. (Meanwhile conservative pundits are saying white people need to procreate faster.)

Carbon Dioxide is Good for You!

The NYTimes does a negative write up of the Clintons’ personal life. Digby is mad as h*ll, and has suggestions on what we can do about it.

Kennedy honored two Americans with the Profiles in Courage award yesterday. Hint: they went to people who stood up for American values. Follow the link for the full text of Kennedy’s speech. And people are worried that Congress will be “dominated” by this guy? Sheesh…

Matt Singer got his hands on Morrison’s “fact sheet.” Plus some other commentary. Speedkill weighs in.

The Iranian Badge Story: who started it and why?

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