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Some weird things (reg. req'd) going on in Washington DC. In yesterday’s post I jokingly said that Congressional Republicans are finally standing up to the Bush administration – not over important Constitutional matters like domestic spying, torture, or the war – but on an FBI search of corrupt Representative William Jefferson.

But it does look like Congress won a victory in the dispute over the administration and were the brunt of typical administration strong-arm tactics.

Bush agreed to seal the documents seized in the FBI raid on Jefferson’s office for 45 days. I don’t know why this delay period matter, to be honest, but House majority leader Hastert seems to think it’s a victory of sort.

Hastert said the order would "give us some time to step back and try to negotiate with the Department of Justice."

Maybe some “classified” information could “slip” into Jefferson’s papers, eh? That’d get the Department of Justice off their backs! (Not that I want to give any bright ideas to Senator Burns.)

Furthermore Hastert is accusing Attorney General Alberto Gonzalez of trying to push him around using leaks to implicate Hastert in ongoing Congressional corruption investigations. Hm. Who should we believe? Part of the pork-guzzling cabal associated with Jack Abramoff, or the man who condoned torture?

Just a hunch, but I believe Hastert really is a target of malicious leaking by the administration. Hastert isn’t the kind of courageous guy to pick a fight with the administration over a fallacious claim – I mean, this is a guy who rolls over on the Constitution – so it seems there really would have to be something made up against him to get him to act.

What amuses me is that he seems so outraged! Come on, Hastert! These thugs have been strong-arming their opponents for years! Just ask Joe Wilson! Now you choose to be angry?

Maybe there’s hope in this ridiculous incident. Maybe now Congress realizes there are real-world consequences to advocating their power to Dinky & co. Maybe they’ll fight, if not for our civil liberties or for good governance, then to protect their precious pork-and-lobbyist fiefdoms.



I got called out by Mike for noting that the Iranian Badge story was a hoax in yesterday’s “Links…” post. Apparently it makes me a “cretin” and “anti-semetic.” I suppose The Jewish Week’s account of the story also makes its editors typical Jew-hating SOBs and “comrades” of Islamic terrorists.

This is probably a bad time to link to an examination over the controversy surrounding the academic essay, “The Israel Lobby and US Foreign Policy,” which questions the US’ unconditional support of Israel. But what the h*ll, I’m a cretin.

There is justice after all: Enron execs found guilty on all charges! We’ll see what the sentencing is like. I say, send ‘em to maximum security and let ‘em get what they gave to Enron employees and investors…

Dennis Hastert is under investigation for corruption! No wonder he’s up in arms about FBI searches of Congressional offices.

Steven Colbert’s comedy reaches a new high: Tom Delay uses a satirical interview as a fund-raiser for his legal defense. It’s quite revealing as to how ridiculous right-wing punditry has become…

Pat Robertson can leg press 2,000 pounds! Not.

O’Reilly criticizes Jon Stewart viewers for being uninformed, er, about Fox News spin…turns out Stewart viewers are more informed about politics than…well…nearly everyone else.

Some casting director is going to have a very short career: Cate Blanchette to play Bob Dylan in an upcoming movie…

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