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In a recent Lee Enterprises poll, Tester pulled into a virtual tie with primary rival, John Morrison, 41-42%, a difference that falls within the poll’s six-point margin of error.

According the poll, Paul Richards won 2% of polled votes, and missing-in-action man Kenneth Marcure pulled down a point.

(Is there a weirder candidate than Marcure? He’s running for a U.S. Senate seat from Japan! Apparently he can’t make it back because of “logistical reasons.” And check out his picture. What’s up with the leather suit? Did he send this picture into the Gazette as his official campaign photo? And check out this little quote from the paper:

Asked about specific issues recently, Marcure has e-mailed Montana reporters a rambling 62-page essay with his view about what he calls his quest, which "boils down to power and moral values."

I’m half-tempted to write up the paper and ask for a forwarded copy of the essay, but I’m afraid the Gazette’s editors might actually send it to me. And he polls at a percentage point? Surely you must be joking.)

Are you thinking what I’m thinking about Paul Richards? Those two percentage points tacked on to another candidate’s totals may tip a candidate into victory.

I’m thinking maybe Richards might decide who wins this primary race.

The rumors are true. Tester supporters everywhere can breathe a sigh of relief.


Um…so…there’s no connection between Iranian Badge author Amir Taheri and neocons? So…Taheri being invited to the White House in the capacity of an “expert” is just a coincidence…

Electoral College reform gains steam.” Why do Californians love Democracy?

Barak Obama likes bloggers. Is he running in ’08?

Firedoglake has an excellent post up about unions.

Time does a story on the growth of hate groups over the issue of immigration.

There is no debate about global warming. Except among energy companies and the Bush administration. Listen to Al Gore on Fresh Air talk about his documentary and global warming.

Weird: wingnut Christian post-apocalyptic role-playing games

Arianna Huffington claims we’re losing Afghanistan.

Has Karl Rove lost his touch? He’s planning to package the 2006 elections around the US economy. Um, Karl, most of us are barely hanging on, thanks to high health insurance, student loans, rising housing costs, and credit card debt. But then Rove and his ilk probably aren’t aware of how most folks are living.

A Kos post claims Iraq is not “another Vietnam” – it’s more like Northern Ireland, and we’re the British. Another Kos post claims the US has reached the “tipping point” in Iraq. The war is already lost.

Bush apparently can’t be bothered with the details of the war. Like the Haditha massacre, which he found out about only after Time started investigating the story.

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