Monica Lindeen supports Net Neutrality

Election season is great, isn’t it? Ask for some info, and wham! It’s in your inbox! The other day I mentioned that Snidely Rehberg opposes Net Neutrality. I also wondered where Monica Lindeen stood on the issue and queried her office for a stance.

Last night I received a press release-type answer I’ll print in full:

Monica Lindeen, Democratic candidate for United States Congress, said she believes that Net Neutrality legislation pending in the Senate needs to insure protections not included in the House measure.

“The internet is a resource that was created by public dollars,” Lindeen said. “Any neutrality legislation needs to insure that citizens can continue to access all the resources it provides, and small businesses and non-profits should not be priced out of using the net to get their message and products out.”

Lindeen says the House legislation does not provide adequate protections, and she is disturbed that Congressman Rehberg voted against an amendment that would have strengthened that protection. “This is just another example of Dennis Rehberg’s commitment to big business and not to the people of Montana who deserve access to all the resources the internet provides.”


Even Net Neutrality opponents admit that allowing telecomm companies to solicit fees for bandwidth will adversely affect sites that don't pay up. In effect, striking down Net Neutrality would commercialize the 'Net at best or, at worst, turn it into a vending machine for porn and advertising.

Don't get me wrong; I'm not a moral crusader looking to eliminate porn from the Net. I've got nothing against porn. It's just that I think the Net should be a place for other things, too. Like snappy partisan political blogs, for example.

Ultimately what Lindeen said about public dollars creating the industry is key. We paid for the thing. We own it. We shouldn't give it away to corporate interests, even if Rehberg gets some nice golf trips out of the deal.

  1. 1 4&20 blackbirds » Blog Archive » What is “Net Neutrality” anyway, and why should you care?

    […] Later on I’ll give you a scorecard for Montana candidates on who supports Net Neutrality and who’s against it. Right now I know Monica Lindeen favors it, and Denny Rehberg prefers the telecomms. […]

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