Rehberg supports war, but doesn’t want to help pay for it

Now I know why “Snidely Whiplash” Rehberg is against the estate tax. Here’s a clue: he’s richer than dirt. According to the report, Rehberg is valued between $12 to $57 million!

In a pointed swipe at Burns over touting an estate tax repeal, the Missoula Independent has this to say:

As for the content of Burns’ opening missive, it’s interesting—though not surprising—that he and his Republican strike force would invoke the estate tax in hopes of painting Tester as an out-of-touch liberal while branding Burns as a populist. The fact is that, according to tax analyst Judy Xanthopoulos, Ph.D., of Quantria Strategies, a complete repeal of the estate tax, like the one Burns and his Democratic colleague Sen. Max Baucus voted in support of last week, would benefit about 25 Montana families each year—the richest 25, with estates valued at an average of $12.4 million.

One of those 25 families is Rehberg’s.

Rehberg has voted for just about every tax cut that’s come his way – most of them benefiting exclusively…well…people just like him. What that means is the tax burden falls more heavily on us, the regular folks who struggle to make car payments and mortgages and are dealing with increasing health care costs.

Meanwhile, at the same time Rehberg is putting money in his own pocket, he’s voting for increased federal expenditures. He voted for giving subsidies for big oil companies, and he’s an avid supporter of the war in Iraq, voting for every emergency appropriation that’s crossed his desk.

Got that? Rehberg is racking up costs and dodging his civic duty to pay for those costs. Does he believe in the war? If so, then why is he wriggling out of doing his patriotic duty and helping pay for it? He supports sending US troops in harm’s way – men and women risking their very lives for this country, over 2,500 dead so far – but he won’t put his money behind his “principles.”

And you wonder why the country is a mess.

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