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Coobs over at “What’s Right…” (find your link) ran a comparison of how Tester and Burns stands on the “issues.” (Please interpret the quotes to indicate how laughable I find the topics Coobs feels worthy of fighting over.) One of these “issues” Coobs highlights is flag burning.

Senator Burns – supports constitutional amendment banning desecrating the US flag

Jon Tester – would not support amendment, considers flag burning free speech.

Shocking, Tester’s stance on flag burning.

Anyway, a high-profile celebrity was recently caught on film desecrating the flag. If Coobs – and Burns – believe the flag to be a sacred symbol of the country and are willing to change the Constitution to protect it, they should be up in arms about the President autographing flags. It’s illegal. How does it rate against perjury, I wonder? If Coobs/Burns think the desecration of the flag is so important, shouldn’t they advocate for the impeachment of Bush for sullying the symbol of the land he’s “serving”?

Desecrating the flag is either worthy of criminalizing, or it’s not.

Of course everyone knows the flag-burning amendment is a senseless wedge issue intended to turn the dim-witted patriots against those that don’t support it. But let’s face it, not even those who favor it really believe in it. Otherwise Senator Conrad Burns would be up in arms against the President.

Here’s the deal. You either favor expression of speech and think Bush was doing a nice thing by signing autographs for his fans, or you favor protecting the flag at the cost of speech and prosecuting Bush for desecrating the flag.

In the spirit of disclosing my connection to the great Left Blogosphere and its great Sun shining at its center, the Wizard of Kos, just as Matt Singer has admitted in light of the recent “Kosola” accusations that he was never influenced by money or threats to post or withhold any content at his site, I, too, hereby fully disclose that I work for no one. This blog earns me no money. Not a penny. I have full and final say of all content at “4&20 blackbirds.” I even made up the name.

I don’t even get emails from Kos for my trouble.

However, I want that to change. I am announcing that I am looking for an overlord. Coobs has one, why can’t I? I accept gifts of all kinds, too. Heck, a little flattery goes a long way!

If you are an overlord looking for a mouthpiece, you could do worse than “4&20 blackbirds”! I’m funny! I’m good looking! I’m easily bought!

Here are some things I will blog for:

— Coffee. I love coffee. Hey, Starbucks! Remember those nice posts I wrote about your health-care package? I will blog for coffee! Picture this: “Starbucks’ 4&20 blackbirds.” Or “4&20 blackbirds baked in a pie, served with a tasty Starbucks frappichino.” Yes, a long name, but unique!

— Sleep. I love sleep and can’t get enough. Is the Sandman real? Does he pay well? I will blog for extra sleep in the morning, Mr. Sandman.

— Chocolate chip cookies. Mmm-mmm. Mmmmm. Mom, I’ll blog for you if you make some cookies and mail ‘em to me.

— Health care. The health plan for blogging sucks.

You see how easily a partisan blogger can be bought? (Well, except for the health care.) Mull it over. Surely you’ve got a cause or politico that needs promoting. Or maybe you just want to be famous…to a dozen faithful 4&20 readers.

(I wonder which is more, the birds in the pie, or my regular readers?)


Burns doesn’t like Montanans very much, apparently.

Bush caught on camera defacing flags. Writing on a flag is illegal. So…if you’re a conservative supporter of the flag-burning amendment, this is your chance to go after a high-profile flag defacer! We’ll see whether the flag-burning rhetoric is politics or belief.

Digby on the proposed insurgent amnesty proposal. Burns is one of the “amnesty 19.”

Wulfgar! gives a nice summary of how Burns changed his vote on the Marianas Islands labor-reform bill for $5K. And the results of his vote.

Thoroughly convincing argument against giving a possessor of child porn a 200-year sentence.

Formerly silenced climatologist, Jim Hansen, writes an essay on climate change: “The Threat to the Planet.”

Idaho’s GOP House candidate Bill Sali has ties to Abramoff? What’s up with Republicans? Are they all corrupt?

O’Reilly thinks we should run Iraq just like Saddam Hussein. And then we would have fought this war for…nothing?

Joshua Micah Marshall on White House spokesman Tony Snow’s false analogy of US public opinion now to during WWII’s Battle of the Bulge: “…the American people…will stick through a lot of adversity if they think the war they’re fighting matters and that their president knows what he’s doing.”

US out of WC

Watched the US WC loss to Ghana today. Slightly bummed. I didn’t really expect the team to advance, but hoped like h*ll. And because Italy downed the Czech Republic 2-0 this morning, with a win over Ghana they would have gone on.

That’s pretty good when your third game in the first WC round still counts. And I’m Ghlad about Ghana. The only African team to move on. I admit I have a soft spot for scrapping underdog Africans ever since Cameroon’s remarkable run in 1990.

But that’s about all the good I can take away from the US’ play this WC. They looked terrible against the Czech Republic, fantastic against Italy, and somewhere in the middle today. Their midfield is world-class. The defense was much better than 2002. Keller was adequate in goal. No bone-headed mistakes. But no amazing saves, either.

The refs killed them this tourney. And let’s face reality: the US will never get breaks from WC refs. What’s in the best interest for FIFA, a strong US showing, or a strong Italian showing? Follow the money…

But what really killed the US was their offense. They scored one goal in this tournament. (The other was an own-goal, people.) One. Their best striker is Brian McBride, whose weird upright stiffness makes him look more suitable for English tea parties than soccer. Their set plays are atrocious. Donovan’s weak kick out of bounds on a direct kick just outside the box in the 80th minute today pretty much drove a stake through the team heart. US crosses are weak, flat, and inevitably off-target, yet they rely on the lob as their main offensive arsenal. The forwards can’t beat anybody. They’re slow.

And look at all the awesome African strikers! There’s about six on the Ivory Coast and at least three on Ghana! Let’s start handing out some passports, people! If France can “naturalize” players from Morocco and Africa for their national team, why can’t we? Aren’t we a “melting pot”? If we can’t make strikers, let’s buy ‘em!

Of course no one wants to move here anymore.

I’ll definitely be pulling for Ghana. Other than that, I’m open to suggestions. I was pulling for Holland until I watched them play the Ivory Coast. I just don’t like ‘em. Germany?

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