Full disclosure: looking for overlord

In the spirit of disclosing my connection to the great Left Blogosphere and its great Sun shining at its center, the Wizard of Kos, just as Matt Singer has admitted in light of the recent “Kosola” accusations that he was never influenced by money or threats to post or withhold any content at his site, I, too, hereby fully disclose that I work for no one. This blog earns me no money. Not a penny. I have full and final say of all content at “4&20 blackbirds.” I even made up the name.

I don’t even get emails from Kos for my trouble.

However, I want that to change. I am announcing that I am looking for an overlord. Coobs has one, why can’t I? I accept gifts of all kinds, too. Heck, a little flattery goes a long way!

If you are an overlord looking for a mouthpiece, you could do worse than “4&20 blackbirds”! I’m funny! I’m good looking! I’m easily bought!

Here are some things I will blog for:

— Coffee. I love coffee. Hey, Starbucks! Remember those nice posts I wrote about your health-care package? I will blog for coffee! Picture this: “Starbucks’ 4&20 blackbirds.” Or “4&20 blackbirds baked in a pie, served with a tasty Starbucks frappichino.” Yes, a long name, but unique!

— Sleep. I love sleep and can’t get enough. Is the Sandman real? Does he pay well? I will blog for extra sleep in the morning, Mr. Sandman.

— Chocolate chip cookies. Mmm-mmm. Mmmmm. Mom, I’ll blog for you if you make some cookies and mail ‘em to me.

— Health care. The health plan for blogging sucks.

You see how easily a partisan blogger can be bought? (Well, except for the health care.) Mull it over. Surely you’ve got a cause or politico that needs promoting. Or maybe you just want to be famous…to a dozen faithful 4&20 readers.

(I wonder which is more, the birds in the pie, or my regular readers?)

  1. I have two pieces of lint, a receipt from the grocery store and a used match to pay you to write for me. We have a great dental plan that involves plyers and Fixodent but it gets technical with the fine print. Our medical plan is pretty good to but basically its just somebodies Mom phone number that makes a kick butt chicken soup. She does great therapy too if you are down and out on yourself.

    This post had me laughing my butt off. Keep up the good work and never stop asking yourself why. I loved it.

  2. Punky

    I love you. You make me laugh. Can I send you another 2 year old? Maybe a couple dogs – you’ve always wanted one. Why not two.
    I can bake cookies – not like mom, but hey they’ll do.

    As long as you keep writing, entertaining and keeping us informed- you are worth it.

  1. 1 4&20 blackbirds » Blog Archive » Full Disclosure: will blog for coffee

    […] Unfortunately, unlike Matt Singer over at Left in the West, I have no ideological overlord. (I’m in the market, though!) […]

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