The war, the president, and the Congress that binds us to them

Apparently the policy advocated by Karl Rove is to run the midterm campaign on the Iraq war. We’ve seen how this will look already in the recent debates in the House and Senate, and the sycophantic regurgitating of the message by the major news outlets, that the GOP has “a plan” and the Democrats are confused and squabbling.

Rove’s master plan kicked into action with the death of Zarqawi. Freepers around the country crawled all over themselves to crow and quickly turn a military success into a rhetorical advantage over their lefty counterparts. “What’s Right…” (find your own link) ran the following headline: “#1 Terrorist in Iraq killed – bad news for the Democrats.”

This is indeed bad news for Democrats, who hope for defeats & set-backs in Iraq so they can keep criticizing.

In fact, the Democrats new hero in Montana, Jon Tester wants to implement a policy of cutting & running in Iraq.

What makes you feel safer, cutting & running, or killing the terrorist leaders one-by-one?

(Forget for a moment that the main solace Coobs finds in a rogue terrorist’s death is the hope that it props up his favorite politicians a bit, or that no Democrat could claim this was “bad” news, or that a so-called “independent” blogger would pump this hate-filled rhetoric into the Net at the exact same time Rove the GOP started their like chest-thumping.)

The idea, of course, is to show that Democrats have an “irrational” dislike of Bush, and that they would gladly lose a war if meant winning an election. The position is also intended to show how the GOP has a backbone and the Dems don’t.

In reality, however, the Republican lawmakers have just yoked this country to a rudderless Iraq policy that threatens to last at least two more years. That’s the real story, and while it will probably increase the advantage of the Dems to win seats in the midterms, I’d rather have the GOP Congressional representatives do the right thing.

At the very least, the Republican Congress needed to force the president to make some sort of coherent policy.

I admit, I didn’t feel any sense of wild ebullience when Zaraqawi was killed. I did feel dread, because I knew Bush, Co. and its GOP yes-men would beat us over the head with his death. As they have, even touting it as a watershed moment in Iraq, the turning of the tide. Rove accused Dems of “cutting and running.” I didn’t celebrate because I knew Republicans would use it to play up their failed plan and commit us to Iraq indefinitely. Well, what’s happened since this “watershed” victory?

Iraqi insurgents set up roadblocks in downtown Baghdad and fired on US, Iraqi troops. State of emergency declared, over 20 killed.

–Ten killed in a mosque explosion.

–Britain sets timetable for troop withdrawal.

–Japan announces troop withdrawal.

–News of US atrocities in Iraq grows, including the murder of an Iraqi by several marines, sailors.

–Questions swirl around senior officers’ conduct surrounding the Haditha massacre.

–North Korea threatened a missile launch.

–The Army considers troop reduction.

Bad news and more bad news. And not just the usual run-of-the-mill roll call of the dead, but news that reveal larger issues that will promise to plague us. News that shows how unstable the country is, that insurgents could take over parts of the capitol. News that hints that US military officers might have suppressed information on atrocities – for political reasons? The North Korea situation should remind us all the natural reaction of gunboat diplomacy and military aggression: increased tensions with states opposed to us, and a rush to gather nuclear weapons to prevent US invasion. Iraq has weakened our national security.

And the Army is considering pulling out some troops anyway. (Does this mean the administration is “cutting and running”?)

Just the events in the last week show how unstable and dangerous Iraq has become. Can the Republicans survive the summer with a constant barrage of bad news? Bet on seeing a whole lot of terror plots broken up, like the news of a home-grown group stopped before blowing up Chicago’s Sears Tower. I’m with Andrew Cohen:

It is entirely possible that the government has just foiled a plot that would have led to immeasurable loss of life and property. It is also entirely possible that the government once again is trying to sell us a pig in a poke; trying to make much more out of a terrorism investigation than the facts warrant.

Even if the FBI did save the Sears Tower, we’ve been fed so much hooey about terror plots – all of which have been laughable or pathetic or untrue. Can you blame us if we don’t believe the administration anymore? Based on accounts what’s not disputable is that these men were never a real threat.

I dislike Bush because he’s incompetent, he disdains the Constitution, and he’s a wayward spender. I don’t revel in our minor victories because I know as long as he’s in power – and the Republican Congress rubber-stamping all of his policies – the war will not be won. I wish Congress had sent a clear message to him and the American people, that we will not accept business as usual in Iraq.

Had enough? I have. Vote the bums out.

  1. Mark Tokarski

    I think you make a mistake in assuming that the course of the war in Iraq affects the voting outcome. All the Republicans need to do is put the issue up for a vote, as they just did, and the Democrats will back down, as they just did. That leaves voters with no choice, as usual, no opposition party, as usual. It’s not that Democrats are spineless – it is that from the beginning the have supported the unstated objectives of the war. They are caught in a quandary right now – they must stay in Iraq, yet somehow take advantage of the wind in the sails that wants to get us out of there. Tacking is required.

    Zarquawi is, was, a propaganda tool. For Bush to represent the forces of good, someone must represent the forces of evil. It used to be Osama, but he is probably dead, only kept alive by (likely) CIA planted voiceovers, usually verified as valid by the …. CIA.

    And, going unnoticed is the air strike that killed Zarquawi. There’s a lot of that going on – air strikes on civilian targets. that is – Seymour Hersh has reported on it, but most of those bombs, which are killing the 100,000+ civilians as reported by Lancet, are unreported here save this one that killed Zarquawi, which had propaganda value.

    Zarquawi will soon be replaced by a new emblem of all that is evil. I hope they keep his name simple, pronounceable, and spellable.

  1. 1 Parsing Burns’ latest attack ad « 4&20 blackbirds

    […] Jon Tester talks tough about security. (Tester’s voice.) “I will never waiver in keeping America safe and strong.” Tester says we should go after terrorists wherever they are, but then he wants to cut and run in Iraq, even though we fight al Qaeda terrorists there every day. Jon Tester isn’t being honest with you. His position on Iraq is constantly changing, and he’s taken thousands from ultra-liberal groups that mocked American deaths. Tester opposes the Patriot Act and sides with liberal judges in opposing successful anti-terror programs. Tester’s not tough on terror. He’s deceitful. But Conrad Burns is a Marine who won praise for strong support of our military, and an unwavering commitment to the war on terror. So when you hear Tester’s tough talk, remember: Tester will say anything to get elected. Anything. But he won’t be honest about your family’s security. […]

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