“Cutting and running” is now “victory”

Over at Coobs’ site (find your own link) we were treated to glimpse of the GOP mindset surrounding the Iraq War.

10:13 am

Coobs posts:

To Jon Tester & his loyalists, I’ll type this slowly, since I know you don’t read fast:

Staying the Course = victory on the war on terror

Cutting & Running = failure

Any questions?

11:02 am

Less than an hour later, this tidbit appeared in the comment thread, posted by Coobs:

If we stay in Iraq until October, when the Iraqi’s can police themselves, we have accomplished the objective.

If we tuck in our tail & run, we fail.

So what happened between 10:13 am and 11:02 am to get Coobs to reverse his position and advocate for “cutting and running” in October? The news that the administration is planning to reduce troops in Iraq in – surprise! – September!

What appears at first to be the inept fumbling of a minor local blogger actually looks to be a part of a larger pattern:

The next step, of course, will be for the same people who three days ago were demanding the execution of John Kerry and John Murtha for even daring to suggest a withdrawal timetable to immediately begin calling for a withdrawal timetable — that is, when they’re not hailing the Cheney administration for having won a smashing victory in Iraq. In fact it’s already started.

What this whole about-face on “cutting and running” represents in a larger scheme is that the Republican party is again using the Iraq War for political gain. They don’t care about the war, whether Iraqis or Americans die, whether the country really does become a democracy or even stable as long as it benefits their party.

That seems like a stretch, doesn’t it, to make that sweeping assumption based on one local blogger’s flip-flopping and some lefty blogger commentry? But watch. Coobs is, if anything, an accurate barometer of Burns’ and the GOP’s campaign tactics.

The Bush administration and their Congressional yes-men have since day one preyed on the fears of everyday Americans in the wake of 9/11 in order to win themselves political advantages over their Democratic peers. Iraq enabled Republicans to paint their opponents as weak on security, unpatriotic, or downright treasonous. Iraq’s occupation has been relentlessly partisan and political: Bush has appointed party hacks in key positions in the occupation’s administration. (Party hacks refused to give the military the number of troops they said they needed to pacify Iraq. Party hacks wasted taxpayer dollars on feel-good photo-ops of library or school openings for front cover stories in US papers instead of working to restore electricity or sewage. Party hacks stretch the troops and force soldiers to stay in country long after their service time should have run out.)

And now withdrawal after saying leaving would be cowardice, or worse.

But is the withdrawal permanent? billmon:

Has all the recent hollering about cutting and running simply been an elaborate smoke screen to cover the preparations to, well, cut and run?I don’t know, although I lean towards the more cynical view that this is simply a ploy to try to get through the elections. Leaving Iraq (I mean really leaving Iraq) would be an enormous loss of face for Shrub and his ventriloquist — not so much here at home, where the semi-official media generally can be relied upon to call black white on command, but in the Middle East and wherever else America is hated. The Cheneyites might just as well wrap Iraq up, put a bow on it, and give it to Tehran as a going away present. At least, that’s how it would be seen in the region.

For the record, I agree. I don’t think Bush leaves Iraq during his Presidency. I think he was speaking truthfully when he said he’d leave Iraq to future Presidents. I also think the US is going to try to build permanent military bases in the country, and that we’ll be fighting there for years to come.

Yes, folks, I believe the GOP is playing politics with Iraq and US troops. And you wonder why we’re losing the war. Had enough? Isn’t it time we had a plan for Iraq?

Update: Maybe I was right when I first called troop withdrawal two weeks ago. Here’s a dandy quote, if I do say so myself:

I’m betting it’ll be this Republican administration that begins “cutting and running,” just in time for the upcoming midterm elections. That’s right! All these shifts in policy signal one thing: the imminent gradual withdrawal of troops from Iraq.

I listed the rhetoric likely to follow from the right — which appears already to be happening. I also predicted that troop strength will go right back up after the midterms.

D*mn this is like shooting fish in the barrel. The GOP is so predictable…

  1. No conflict at all.

    If you listen to the Kerry’s & Murthas of your party, they want Iraq to be another Vietnam, and start flying in the helicopters.

    I was watching CNN when I heard I think it was Gen. Casey talking about troop reductions in October.

    I have no problems with troop reductions in October, it means that the Iraqi forces are getting up to strength.

    The GOP isn’t using Iraq for political gain, it’s the NATIONAL Democrats who yearn for failures & bad news from Iraq, hoping to gain political advantage.

  2. Sorry, man. You have no credibility on this issue. If you call troop withdrawal “cowardice” at 10am and then advocate it at 11am with no explanation, it’s obvious you don’t actually have any core belief about Iraq.

    You’re a flip-flopper of the worst kind.

  3. Eric — Rep. Murtha and Sen. Kerry both fought in Vietnam and earned medals for their heroic service. Neither of them is calling for Iraq to become another Vietnam. The problem is your boys didn’t have a plan, sent in too few troops, and then dealt with a war as a domestic political issue. To turn the Bush/Burns mistake into an opportunity to defame war heroes is shameful.

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