Huge news! Tester extends his lead in the latest poll, 50-43 percent! More later…but considering Tester has yet to really start campaigning, Burns is in big trouble.

The latest Montana-related GOP gaffes: the ‘pubs confuse Butte with Vermont; the national branch tacitly admits Burns is as dirty as yesterday’s underpants and Klindt spins it with postmodern flair; and Burns was for drilling the Rocky Mountain Front before he was against it.

Motto’s all over the shady groups investing in the terrible trio of right-wing state ballot initiatives. More on this later, too.

TPM Cafe on the Governor’s recent political maneuvering.

John at Blogenlust has a possible explanation on why Zidane head butted the Italian. Comes with video of the Italian’s history of cheap shots. A real winner, this guy.

Orrin Hatch pulls strings to get a music producer out of a Dubai jail. Funny thing is that the producer’s lawyer also got Hatch a $39K music deal…

John Dean on conservatives: they “need an authoritarian figure to guide them and they willingly do whatever it takes to please that figure…”

Bush’s top ten signing statements. Read ‘em and weep.

Surprise! There have been cover-ups of recent US military atrocities in Iraq! Apparently, though, this has been going on for awhile…

Bush diplomacy at work: a Middle Eastern “ally” acquits al Qaeda suspects who had admitted fighting US troops in Iraq. Hey, but we got the Miami 7!

Another theory on why Bush is a bad President. Interesting, isn’t it? The debate is not on whether he stinks, but why.

Conservatives at work on the floor of the Senate: trying to insert fraudulent amicus brief into the Senate record in an attempt to influence the SCOTUS Hamdan decision. Um, that’s illegal.

British under siege by the Taliban in Afghanistan.

A d*mn good reason to kick Lieberman out of the Senate.

The early comments by AT&T’s Ed Whitacre that spurred the push for Net Neutrality. We don’t know what the telecoms will do if Net Neutrality is defeated, huh?

Roger Lowenstein’s excellent examination of the economics of illegal immigration.

Hilarious German satire: the Bush Pilot.


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