Denowh reiterates opposition to Butte Nazi; is that enough?

In today’s links, I connected to a couple of posts about Nazis Bill White and Shawn Stuart. White quit the US Nazi party because it was too creepy for him…which says a lot…and Orcinus wrote a great report on right-wing extremists in the military, framed around the “Republican” candidate for a Butte state House seat.

You’ll recall the brouhaha about Shawn Stuart’s filing as a Republican in a Butte state legislature race, and all the concern expressed by Montana’s GOP, even going as far as saying they would “work to defeat” Stuart.

Of the GOP response, I wrote this:

I do think [MT GOP chair] Karl Ohs’ respsonse was the right thing to do. He completely denied any association with the National Socialist party and reaffirmed his party’s “commitment to equal rights and equality for every citizen regardless of gender, age, race, national origin, religion, creed, or physical impairment” (tho’ he left out “sexual orientation”!). Yes, having a Nazi running under your banner is bad publicity, but I do believe that this was one of the rare cases where political expediency met genuine feeling.

But, as I am a partisan hack, my trust has a limited shelf life. What, I wondered, had the Montana GOP done recently to ensure Stuart’s defeat?

Praise be the Internet! I simply penned an email to Ohs, asking this very question. Here’s the response I got from executive director (whatever that is) Chuck Denowh:

Mr. Stevens,

Thanks for your concern in this area. I can assure you that Shawn Stewart will not be in the Montana Legislature next year. This is a very Democratic district. John Kerry won in this district by 1,085 votes, Brian Schweitzer won by 1,694 votes, and Bill Kennedy won by 1,588 votes. Needless to say, a Republican doesn’t have much of a chance here in the first place. But we don’t want to take anything for granted. Though I don’t want to lump this Nazi in with the Democrats, we are treating his as an opposition candidate, after all, he has damaged our party enough already. We are not providing him with any of the candidate support that our real Republicans get and we will continue to publicly denounce him as a candidate.

Thank you for your concern and your input.

Chuck Denowh


Hm. Not exactly the “work” I expected the Montana GOP to do. Apparently Denowh is relying on Butte’s historically Democratic base to defeat Stuart, with an occasional statement from the Montana GOP to reassure everyone that Stuart is a Nazi, not a Republican.

I’m sure John Sesso, the Demorcratic candidate for the district is thrilled about the level of GOP support. He’s probably spending a bunch of his own money on the race. I wonder if Denowh would be willing to give Sesso the candidate support he usually tabs for Republican candidates?

I’ll ask. Stay tuned!

  1. I like your line of thoughts. It is refreshing to see local politics so well covered. Keep up the good work.

    So are you taking the family out for a weekend at the beach at the lake for the day or not? Don’t forget your own base my friend.

    Otherwise, I love your posts!

  2. No, the family outing was this past weekend, a six-hour drive to an Eastern Washington lake, three days there, six hours back. Load o’ fun was had…

    Thanks, papa. Getting local is a good thing; I recommend it.

  3. That’s certainly an interesting definition of working to defeat the Nazi candidate.

    On the bright side, I do trust the good people of Butte to do the right thing.

  4. It’s too late to do anything about the Shawn Stuart election endeavor. The purpose of it was to gauge the election arena and test it. The test is over. The NSM will be running for the first time a candidate for President and Vice-President in 2008 along with other federal elective offices. Don’t worry about the Shawn Stuart election. Get ready to be visited by the 2008 NSM Presidential candidate and read the election literature that will saturate your state. Perhaps, some NSM candidates (more than one this time) will run in Montana also.

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