Recent written Tester-monials

Whoa! There seems to be an overwhelming number of letters lately supporting Tester in the local papers! Some highlights:

Barbara Parker of Missoula on wayward “son,” Conrad Burns:

…It is so apparent how much [Burns] has lost his way. He brags about all the pork he has brought home, defended “earmarks” as a great thing, whined about being linked to Jack Abramoff after taking more money from him than any other senator. He has been listed as one of the five worst senators by a major news magazine, and he has allowed out-of-state rich people to make pronouncements about his opponent’s lack of “real Montana values.” What can he be thinking? Jon Tester is a grain farmer from Big Sandy living on land his grandparents homesteaded, for Pete’s sake. You can’t get much more Montanan than a grain farmer from the Hi-Line….

Bob Schwarz of Billings ends his letter decrying Burns support of the Inheritance Tax and opposition to a minimum wage hike with a zinger:

… have just two words for you — Jack Abramoff. It’s time for Burns to retire and live off the money he’s made from lobbyists. There’s a wealthy Native American tribe in the Midwest who would probably build him a mansion.

Letty Limbach of Missoula on Burns’ sudden reversal over drilling in the Rocky Mountain Front:

While I’m glad that Conrad Burns has finally joined the thousands of farmers, ranching families, and conservationists who have spent many years fighting to protect the Front, I’m disappointed in our junior senator that it’s taken this long…Why now?…If I had to guess, I’d say that he’s worried about his ugly record on conservation and is looking for ways to do some quick favors so he can say he’s “delivering for Montana.” That comes as no surprise. We all know from Jack Abramoff, how good Conrad is at doing “favors.”

…It’s sad when career politicians like Burns use important issues as political fodder, because while they are earning points for their party, real people suffer the consequences….We need a representative in the U.S. Senate who knows what we need, and knows how to get it done, and knows exactly what is at stake if he does not succeed. In short, we need a person like Jon Tester….

Susan Reisch of Billings concentrates on Tester’s record as proof of his character:

Jon Tester…has led the state Senate with dignity and respect, without forgetting the values that compelled him to run for office in the first place and his responsibility to live within his means. It is rare these days, but Tester can honestly say he is neither a tax-and-spender nor a borrow-and-spender.I’m sure you’ll hear…that Tester is a “liberal who will raise your taxes.” But his record tells another story. Since becoming state Senate president, Tester has not raised taxes and, along with the governor, has shored up the state’s economy. More importantly, he has brought people from both parties together to balance the budget every session. Compare that to the federal budget deficit, which is spiraling out of control. Pork isn’t free, and it’s our children who are going to have to pay for it.

In the end, we all will face a choice — more of the same or something a little different. It’s not about a haircut. It’s about the person behind it and what they stand for. The choice is clear.

And try as you might to find them, letters supporting Burns are few and far between…

  1. John Sinrud

    Jon Tester has raised taxes by the tune of $60 million per year on small business. The bi-partisan removal trigger on business equipment had been meet in 2002 according to the Department of Revenue (researched in July of 2006). With the passage of SB48 the one Tester voted for, it removed the trigger clause and kept business equipment tax at 3% with the knowledge that no other state around Montana has a business equipment tax. This is the tax policy of Tester just another tax and spend liberal.

  1. 1 John Sinrud, the GOP, and government budgets « 4&20 blackbirds

    […] So what got me started on Sinrud, you may ask? It wasn’t much. Just a drive-by comment left on a post with published newspaper letters in praise of Jon Tester. […]

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