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Sometimes I have a very difficult time understanding the pro-Burns mindset. If you know all the facts, how the h*ll could you support the incumbent against Jon Tester? It’s not like Tester’s a raving liberal (like me). He has consistently spoken against amnesty for illegal immigrants; he may or may not support gay marriage, but he says it’s up to the states to decide; he believes the government can provide security without breaking the law; he was an instrumental part in Montana’s $500-million budget surplus; he’s a Montana farmer; and he’s scrupulously honest.

In other words, he’s a clear improvement on the current Republican model.

Burns’ online supporters – okay, Eric Coobs – twists himself into knots trying to keep pace with GOP talking points and Conrad Burns scandals. It shows on his website, like the time Coobs ranted against “cutting in running” in Iraq, then changed his rhetoric less than an hour later after news that the US might begin withdrawal of troops in October under Republican watch.

It clearly showed that Coobs doesn’t have core values on Iraq, and I suspect many other issues as well.

This weekend’s mental gymnastics offers a set of dueling talking points. First, NeoMadison (find your own links, BTW) makes hay from the DSCC’s $1+ million advertising pledge for Montana media markets. (Forget for a moment that Burns is the ultimate out-of-state fundraiser.)

Oh good. So here we have someone who lives in Washington DC promising he’s going to buy us a Senator from Montana? Thanks for the offer, Mr. Singer, but we’ve already got one. And the next time you pretend to care about where a Senator is from, try doing it about the place you actually live. If you can make up your mind where that is.

A few hours later, Coobs claims that the latest Rasmussen poll shows that Tester’s campaign is failing. (Forget for a moment that Tester has yet to really begin campaigning.)

Publicly, the Democrats are putting a brave face forward, but as they watch the Lindeen campaign die, and Tester slowly stalling I can only think they’re about ready to pull their support.

Get that? First, the Dems are rat b*stards for spending so much on advertising in the state, which means they’re giving up on Tester? I mean, don’t let reality hit you on the *ss on the way out the door, people!

See? It doesn’t matter to these people. I’m a partisan hack to be sure, but I’d like to think I actually try to back up my claims with some proof or at least a little argumentation. I’d also like to think I’m somewhat consistent. At the very least I avoid contradicting myself on the same day. But these people…it’s like they’ll try on anything for size, like thirteen-year-olds girls at Ross Dress for Less or something.

  1. Does Monica Lindeen still have a campaign staff even?

  2. She’s got a new staff. I expect you’ll be hearing from Lindeen quite a bit before this thing’s done. I suspect she’ll be a little more aggressive, too…

  3. well, actually

    Does anyone know where to find an intelligent, rational defense of neo-con foreign policy?

    I’m serious so please don’t get all sarcastic, which is way too easy in this case.

  4. Heh…must…restrain…myself…

    Actually, I don’t know of any sane bloggers that still subsribe to neocon ideology. You could try RedState, they’re…about what you’d expect.

    You could go to the source: William Kristol. I warn you: he’s pretty much come unhinged since the public turned against Iraq. Or you could go the PNAC site for a collection of neocon docs…

  5. well, actually

    thanks, I understand the pain I must have put you through.

  6. It was fun to revisit some of these sites. I’ve pretty much written off neocons as a source for intelligent opinions a couple years ago. Revisting the PNAC website was like visiting my old third-grade bathroom where I got beat up for my lunch money, and the erstwhile bullies are still working at the mall thirty years later.

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