Pete McCloskey: Send Rehberg home for pie

Great letter in the Missoulian today on our state’s sole Representative, Snidely Whiplash written by Susan Edwards of Missoula:

It’s time to come home, Denny

Former Congressman and presidential candidate Pete McCloskey urged his fellow Republicans to vote Democratic this fall:

“I have decided to endorse every honorable Democrat now challenging those Republican incumbents who have acted to protect former Majority Leader Tom DeLay, who have flatly reneged on their Contract With America promise in 1994 to restore high standards of ethical behavior in the House and who have combined to prevent investigation of the Cunningham and Abramoff/Pombo/DeLay scandals. These Republican incumbents have brought shame on the House, and have created a wide-spread view in the public at large that Republicans are more interested in obtaining campaign contributions from corporate lobbyists than they are in legislating in the public interest.”

Of course our Rep. Denny Rehberg was so very vocal in repudiating the unethical tactics and practices of DeLay et al, wasn’t he?

Alas, Rehberg didn’t stand up, didn’t do the right thing. On a visit to the Rehberg Missoula office last summer, when the full scope of the Abramoff/Pombo/DeLay scandals was becoming known, I asked where our representative stood. The answer (after a call to some higher up) was that Rehberg stood foursquare for God, Home and Apple Pie, and by golly if anybody did anything wrong, well he was agin’ it. A follow-up letter to his office in Washington elicited a reply of the same noncommittal, political-spin claptrap.

Time to come home Denny, you’ve been back in the big city to long. It seems you’ve not only gotten a mite confused as to the difference between right and wrong, but lot a bit of your backbone as well.

Gasp! Could Rehberg really be against Congressional reform? How dare Ms. Edwards make wild unsubstantiated accusations against our Honorable Representative?

Good thing 4&20 blackbirds is here! I’ll substantiate those accusations!

He voted twice (here’s Rehberg’s voting history; you’ll need this one a lot in this post) to kill investigations into the Abramoff scandal, first in H Res 746 (March 30, 2006) and then in H Res 762 (April 5, 2006).

He consistently voted to change Congressional rules in order to protect his beloved leader, Tom DeLay, from ethics charges (H Res 5, January 4, 2005, H Res 240, April 27, 2005) and voted to block investigation of DeLay’s ethical impropriety (H Res 845, October 8, 2004).

Rehberg voted to weaken the Congressional ban on gifts (H Res 5, January 7, 2003) and against campaign finance reform (HR 2356, February 14, 2002).

So he voted to protect his corrupt brethren. Big deal! He’s not taking any money from questionable sources! I mean besides the $18K from Abramoff. Or the “business” he did in Carter County on behalf of Abramoff associate, Kevin Ring. And forget about the little “slush fund” he staffed with friends and family right here in Missoula…

All I can say is no wonder he stands for “God, Home, and Apple Pie”: he fails to withstand scrutiny on issues like integrity and character. (And I suspect God ain’t giving him passing grades, either.)

Let’s send him home to his pie this November. (God will handle His own affairs in due time.) Support Monica Lindeen.

  1. Frank

    Its the Republicans being weak…rrriigght

    Illinois congressman Danny Davis and an aide took a trip to Sri Lanka last year that was paid for by the Tamil Tigers, a group that the U.S. government has designated as a terrorist organization for its use of suicide bombers and child soldiers.

    Yes, the Dems are something on terror. Supporters perhaps!

  2. ???

    That’s a quick diversion from the issue at hand!

    So…what does Davis’ trip to Sri Lanka have to do with the fact Rehberg is a crooked dirtbag?

    Also, last I checked the Democrat filing for the House seat is Monica Lindeen, not Davis. I’ll check with her office, but I suspect she’s not a big Tamil Tiger supporter. Here’s her stance on homeland security:

    “There is no more important role of government than protecting our homeland against attack. That is why Monica Lindeen opposes any trade deal or treaty that would turn America’s most valuable defenses over to unfriendly nations. She is an outspoken critic of the Bush Administration’s trade policies that would allow foreign ownership of America’s ports, infrastructure, and even our military secrets to Middle Eastern nations. She believes that this Congress and the administration are repeatedly creating policy that infringes upon our constitutional rights as citizens of this great country and she will fight to uphold the constitution and guard against attempts to strip those rights from us

    “Rehberg has voted to sell out America’s security

    “Dennis Rehberg, voted to allow foreign ownership of not only our ports and energy infrastructure to these unfriendly nations, but he would also allow them to own the companies that hold the keys to our most valuable military secrets like the Abrams tanks and Stealth Bomber. He voted against establishing the 9/11 Commission, against providing funding for homeland security, against preventing airports from allowing unscreened or un-inspected cargo on passenger planes, and against funding for our brave first responders like fireman.”

    So if you want to turn this to national security, I’m game.

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