Rehberg CoS Eric Iverson jumps to sinking Burns’ campaign

Just out with the Great Falls Tribune: Eric Iverson is now Burns’ campaign chief.

I’m not sure if Iverson can do anything to help Burns. It’s not like he’s done anything but keep Rehberg out of the news. Perhaps he’s bringing this in his little bag of tricks.

I’m not sure this is a smart move for either campaign. First, Rehberg just jettisoned his number one guy in the middle of an election run he is, by most accounts, winning. Can the new guy (Dustin Frost?) handle a crisis? I suspect one’s coming…

On the other hand, this pretty much confirms what many of us left bloggers knew already: Burns and Rehberg are interchangeable parts. Why Rehberg wants a little Burns mojo right now is a mystery. But, hey, bad judgement is afflicting Republicans all across the country. It’s about time Rehberg enjoys a little, too.

After all, he’s got his fingers in Iraq, torture, the national deficit…and some Abramoff pie, too…


  1. Not too hard to figure out. When you’re winning an easy re-election bid you can certainly spare campaign help.

    Rehberg has a few things Lindeen can only dream about. Popularity, cash, and party support to name a few.

    The Tester campaign better be worried, because even with all the negative press Senator Burns has received, and getting a lot of out-of-state ads supporting Tester, the vote is still split down party lines. This is not where they wanted to be right now.

  2. I can always count on some otherwordly comment from you, Coobs! The word on the street is that Lindeen has a good chance to knock Rehberg off this year; pls no incumbent wants to be even a few points up at this stage. Trust me, Burns is in big big big big big trouble.

    Me, I’m curious how you’re going to spin Burns’ loss in November.

  3. GP

    Lindeen has a few things Rehberg could wish for as well: integrity, clean hands in the Abramoff scandal, and a fortune she earned – not inherited.

    Coobs’ spin on Burns’ inevitable election-day defeat? GOP talking points + old GOP talking points = what?

  4. Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers!

    coobs, I’m STILL having a hard time understanding just what qualities Cornbread has that you admire! Is it the fact that he’s a senile old racist bufffoon? Well, that might be considered admirable trait to SOME posters on your forum! Or is it the fact that Buns has NO education at all which qualifies him for a position as senator? Or maybe the fact that Cornpone went bankrupt and stiffed his debtors in SPITE of the fact he got millions from crooks and felons like jackoff abrams?! Just WHAT do you like about this guy, coobs? And does corndog REALLY reflect YOUR values? Sad, so sad.

  5. Newest USA TOday/Gallup Poll

    HELENA – A new poll shows GOP incumbent U.S. Sen. Conrad Burns locked in a statistical tie with Democratic challenger Jon Tester.

    The USA Today/Gallup Poll released Friday shows likely voters favor Tester 48 percent to Burns’ 45 percent, inside the poll’s margin of error of 4 percentage points. Registered voters favored Burns 44 percent to 42 percent, again inside the margin of error.

    It’s very close, and two things might happen – it will tighten up towards election time, and Burns might squeak it out, or undecideds will break heavily for Tester. Burns’ task then is to make the undecideds stay at home, and to do that requires a big fat sloppy expensive negative saturation campaign, soon to happen I”m sure.

    The telephone survey of 870 registered voters was taken Aug. 23-Aug. 27, and included a subsample of 641 people deemed most likely to vote in November.

  6. Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers!

    My prediction is that it’ll be Tester by seven percentage points! I’ll make it now and you’all can hold me to it! The reason I say this is that Montanans have a history of rejecting losers once they’re identified! The prime example would be I-137. It took a while, but Montanans finally realized that heapleach goldmining was not benefitting the state. And they have reached the same conclusion with Cornpone Buns! He’s done! Oh sure, Corndog’s camp will go negative, but so did the mining industry. That just pissed people off more. Cornbread will just ride off into the sunset, never to be heard from again. Kinda like judy mars. Maybe Cornbread can join her over at the Taser plant!!

  7. Let’s take a vote here, who else thinks that muzzle would make Burns more attractive?

    Does anybody have an opinion about painting wrinkles on it?

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    […] Rehberg CoS Eric Iverson jumps to sinking Burns’ campaign […]

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