Parsing Burns’ latest attack ad

Burns’ latest radio attack ad came out recently, and it’s a doozy. Burns stops short of calling Jon a traitor and calling for the rope and tree, but he comes close. It’s ironic, too, that Burns is concentrating on security, when his own record on the issue is so poor, and he’s a stalwart champion of Bush’s quixotic “security measures.” Oh well.

I’ve provided you a transcript of the ad, and have linked to stories and pictures that explain the real issue and positions that the candidates take:

Jon Tester talks tough about security. (Tester’s voice.) “I will never waiver in keeping America safe and strong.” Tester says we should go after terrorists wherever they are, but then he wants to cut and run in Iraq, even though we fight al Qaeda terrorists there every day. Jon Tester isn’t being honest with you. His position on Iraq is constantly changing, and he’s taken thousands from ultra-liberal groups that mocked American deaths. Tester opposes the Patriot Act and sides with liberal judges in opposing successful anti-terror programs. Tester’s not tough on terror. He’s deceitful. But Conrad Burns is a Marine who won praise for strong support of our military, and an unwavering commitment to the war on terror. So when you hear Tester’s tough talk, remember: Tester will say anything to get elected. Anything. But he won’t be honest about your family’s security.

There you go. You know what to do.

  1. Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers!

    Cornbread, a “marine who won praise”?? Not HARDLY! While others of his generation were dying in Korea, Cornpone hid out here in the states! Conbread is a stateside wonder! That’s all. But he DID cut and run from his bankruptcy debts!

  2. Yes, I know what to do all right. I’ll continue to tell everybody I know to vote for Senator Burns. Thank you. – Eric

  3. If you deal with the intellectual content of ads, you are missing the boat. The ad is delivering a message beneath its content, and it is playing the game waged so successfully by Republicans since 9/11 – it is playing on fear. Do not kid yourself – these messages work. If there is anything that government and political propagandists know about Americans, it is that you can push the fear button, and it will usually deliver in spades.

    Conrad is saying “I will protect you, Tester won’t.” I expect to see alot more of that in the coming weeks.

  4. How does that happen?

  5. Too much coffee makes shaky hands? I’ll delete one.

  6. Conrad is saying “I will protect you, Tester won’t.” I expect to see alot more of that in the coming weeks.

    So true. I’ve also heard on the streets that people are uncomfortable with Connie’s attack ads. ‘Tho Tester’s unfavorable numbers are up.

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