Deluded and dangerous: Rehberg on Iraq

It’s official. Dennis Rehberg has come unhinged.

Now we know why he’s been in hiding.

The first glimpse into Dennis’ world is a Billings Gazette piece on the House candidates’ stance on the Iraq War.

Rehberg, who has twice visited Iraq since the U.S.-led invasion there, said the situation is not a failure. Things are getting better, he said. The Iraqi army and police forces are improving; the government continues to become more functional.”Real progress is being made,” Rehberg said.

Progress? If falling into civil war is progress…then…perhaps…H*ll! Who am I kidding? I can’t even joke about it! This is a moronic statement!

On Monday…just Monday!…thirty-nine Iraqis were killed in Baghdad alone! Thirty-nine! And that doesn’t include the seventeen tortured bodies found!


But let’s revisit the fantasy world of our Representative:

Rehberg said he views the war in Iraq as a way of creating democracy there and stability in the Middle East.”What is the mission in Iraq? It is to make something positive happen in Iraq or keeping something from happening there or somewhere else,” he said, adding that a free Iraq with a stable, democratic government will be a “springboard” for freedom and democracy in the Middle East.

What is the mission in Iraq? Maybe it’s to give Bush administration lackeys a job. Where is our representative on this issue? Why hasn’t he spoken out?

Here’s the best part, where Dennis Rehberg plays Montanans for idiots:

Rehberg said he thought oil played no role [in the origin of the war]. The war, he said, is about freedom for the Iraqi people and bringing “security and stability to a country that has harbored terrorists (and) used weapons of mass destruction against its own citizens.”

Dennis – and I know you’re reading the blogs (more on that later) – um…if you’re so keen on stabilizing Iraq, why do you support the administration’s rudderless war policy? Don’t you care about our troops? Don’t you want some semblance of victory? Bush has had more than three years with this thing, and it’s only grown worse. He’s totally and utterly bungled the war.

Let’s quote Monica Lindeen, who summed it up nicely:

“Obviously, the status quo is a failed policy,” she said.

Go and read the article. See who has the better grasp of reality. See who recognizes Iraq is a distraction, that our reasons for going in were bogus, who understands the situation on the ground. See who thinks maybe we should actually be going after terrorists.

Honestly, our Representative’s views are vintage 2002. The views were questionable then, and downright dangerous now. We’re in a time of crisis. It’s time for good men to act.

Unfortunately we’re stuck with Dennis Rehberg.

That can change.

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