Rehberg v. blogs

Well, well, well. Apparently blogs are getting under Montana Representative Dennis Rehberg’s skin. In an interview on Yellowstone Public Radio last night, Rehberg not only trashed blogs, but suggested that they need “controlling”:

JIM GRANSBERRY: Well, we’re almost to time, and here’s a question, and I asked this one last on purpose because it says, “why do you refuse to debate your opponent, Monica Lindeen, in a public forum? Don’t you think the citizens of Montana have a right to have both candidates answer questions in a debate format? Or are you afraid of having to defend your ideas and positions in person?” This comes from Jaime in Helena.

DENNIS REHBERG: Well, thank you, Jaime, because it once again gives me an opportunity to for me to correct blogs – blogs are something we’re going to have to deal with in the future. You can write or say anything. Uh, Jim, you know as well as I do that – what was it, two months ago? You asked me to do a debate in Billings and I said, “yes.”

Make no mistake, Dennis Rehberg is no friend of the First Amendment. This is not the first time he’s made threats against people for speaking out against corruption and law-breaking.

One can only wonder how Rehberg is planning on “dealing with blogs” in the future. That’d make a nice question at some future debate, eh?

  1. Good question, huh?

    It was asked by Cece-in-MT, who blogged about it here.

  2. I saw! It’s down in the links. I wasn’t sure if Cece wanted her real name known…

  3. Jen. That Jen

    Well, perhaps he’ll sic White House Counsel on us, like his Mini Me did last time…too funny.

  4. Ehh . . my name is all over the initiatives and now the debates. Let it roll!

    I believe in what I say, and if people disagree with me, I am always up for some intelligent discussion.

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    […] As already reported by Cece, touchstone, Criag and af (did I miss anyone?), Representative Dennis Rehberg railed against blogs Monday night. The more I think about it, the more angry I get about it. You can listen to it yourself here — it’s at 58:00. […]

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