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It’s true! There’s a class blogging national Senate races, including our very own Senate race. It looks like a pretty cool project. They’re also doing the Ohio Senate race, the Rhode Island Senate race, and the Pennsylvania Senate race. Oh yeah, the Tennesee Senate race, too.

Check it out, give ’em some tips, leave comments. Blogging can be thrilling, especially if people are actually reading your posts.

The Montana Senate race is pretty dang exciting, isn’t it? And while the House race isn’t getting much press, it’s an easy target for bloggers, especially when Rehberg actually opens his mouth.

But there are crucial races going on at the state level, races that not only Democrats need to win, but Montana, too. Who can forget the energy deregulation fiasco? As the summer turns to fall and your heating bills start coming in, you can look at the prices and remember that the Montana Republicans scr*wed you over. That’s what they do. With the Democrats’ success in the legislature last session, it’s obvious who’s the better group of lawmakers for passing legislation and building a budget. Remember: $500 million surplus. $500 million surplus. $500 million surplus.

But maybe one of the best ways to spark interested in the state races is to show a few of the state’s movers and shakers in the Montana Republican party. Hopefully a little light shed on these people will cause them to wither away…

Meet John Sinrud.

There was the time that Sinrud led the charge against protecting gays from hate crimes.

Republicans, who accounted for all but five of the opponents, warned the bill would stifle free speech and could even prevent clergy from speaking out against homosexuality in their sermons.

“What we’re doing is, people who may disagree with people could have penalty enhancement,” said Rep. John Sinrud, R-Bozeman. “I don’t think you want to squelch free speech. This is America. We have a right to disagree and we have a right to free speech.”

I’ll let you ponder how Christ would have felt about clergy calling for violence against gays in his name.

He’s against raising teacher salaries, increasing school funding, air quality, seat belt laws, increased access to public lands and streams, scholarship programs, expanding state insurance for Motana children, and using state funds to care for the needy. He’s voted against the Montana ethanol and biodiesel industry, country of origin labels, the Made-in-Montana program, a raise of the minimum wage, and funding for domestic violence victims, tax breaks for small businesses, and was opposed to 2005 House Bill 198, which defined policies against school bullying. He’s no friend of alternative energy, but a big friend of development (which might explain the source of most of his funding).

In other words, he’s opposed to just about every useful state program that exists.

Of course, like many Republicans, who view life not as an experience but as an opportunity to cash in, Sinrud has struggled with ethics when it comes to money. Seems he is the direct of Christian Heritage School, Bozeman-based private school, which coincidentally gave his architecture firm a sweetheart $1.7 million contract. Or maybe it’s a little business between friends.

He made vague threats on-air on Yellowstone Public Radio to fellow blogger, Wulfgar! (“I know where you live.”)

Although appointed to his seat in 2002 to fill a mid-session vacancy, Sinrud claims he was elected in 2000 on his work website.

And if that wasn’t enough to dislike Sinrud, he finds his service in the House of Representatives to be odious. After repeated complaining about having to occasionally work on weekends, Sinrud once walked out of a budget meeting in April 2005. And it was Sinrud’s wife, Kim, who famously compared her family’s situation during legislative session to a soldier’s who had been called to Iraq:

I would like to personally wish a Merry Christmas to all Gallatin Valley residents. I now have a better understanding of what military spouses go through when their loved ones are called up to go somewhere other than home to serve their country.

Last week our governor called a special session … 11 days before Christmas. I understand the need for a special session, but why call it 11 days before Christmas?

Again, I’ll let you ponder.


Again, you know what to do. Visit Act Blue’s “Paint Montana Blue” page, where you can donate to several state-level candidates. I assume Matt will be adding to this list in the near future, but in the meantime Van Dyk, Furey, and Kenyon are in important swing districts and could use some help. Let’s not let the John Sinruds steer the ship in 2007.

Update: Oops, I was wrong about the threat to Wulfgar! From “A Chicken is Not Pillage“:

A final note to touchstone:  John didn’t threaten me on Yellowstone Public Radio, and he didn’t say “I know where you live”.  He threatened me, if that’s what that weak sauce was, on KMMS.  The radio show was Citizen’s Voice, which all good Bozeman liberals should be listening to.  What he said was “I know what you look like”.  I don’t take that as a threat because, a)  I laughed at him, and b) now he knows he couldn’t take me down (in more ways than one, right John?).  No, John was just being a bully, and bullies don’t like it when you push back.  John, ignorant as he is, has decided to play in our bailiwick of the Inter-tubes.  It’s time to push back.


Cece has the specifics of the ruling against the “Scr*w our state” initiative.

Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington releases its report on the most corrupt members of Congress…congratulations to Montana Senator Conrad Burns for making the list! (You can download the full report, too.)

Burns “not a target” of a DoJ investigation? Matt parses the Republo-speak.

Sweet pro-Tester literature distributed by the Montana GOP!

Man, you thought Dick Cheney was bad…Lynne Cheney goes to Kentucky to scare the cr*p out of grade schoolers.

Spokeswoman for New Jersey Republican Senate candidate, Tom Kean Jr, is using her time to troll liberal blogs. Classy. And hilarious.

Virginia Senator George Allen is busy showing the GOP why he shouldn’t be considered a real 2008 presidential candidate, let alone Senator.

And Tennessee Republican Bob Corker is…well…a dirt bag. He broke the law to line his own pockets to the tune of $4.7 million.

…and more racial slurs from the mouths of Republican candidates…

Digby cautions the Democrats on trusting McCain over the torture compromise.

Congressional Republicans stand with predatory lenders against US servicemen.

Kos touts the Wyoming at-large race and Gary Trauner.

Videoblogger Josh Wolf back in jail.

Okay…maybe the funniest Jon Stewart segment ever…on the hypocrisy of the military’s anti-gay policies…

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