Meet John Sinrud

The Montana Senate race is pretty dang exciting, isn’t it? And while the House race isn’t getting much press, it’s an easy target for bloggers, especially when Rehberg actually opens his mouth.

But there are crucial races going on at the state level, races that not only Democrats need to win, but Montana, too. Who can forget the energy deregulation fiasco? As the summer turns to fall and your heating bills start coming in, you can look at the prices and remember that the Montana Republicans scr*wed you over. That’s what they do. With the Democrats’ success in the legislature last session, it’s obvious who’s the better group of lawmakers for passing legislation and building a budget. Remember: $500 million surplus. $500 million surplus. $500 million surplus.

But maybe one of the best ways to spark interested in the state races is to show a few of the state’s movers and shakers in the Montana Republican party. Hopefully a little light shed on these people will cause them to wither away…

Meet John Sinrud.

There was the time that Sinrud led the charge against protecting gays from hate crimes.

Republicans, who accounted for all but five of the opponents, warned the bill would stifle free speech and could even prevent clergy from speaking out against homosexuality in their sermons.

“What we’re doing is, people who may disagree with people could have penalty enhancement,” said Rep. John Sinrud, R-Bozeman. “I don’t think you want to squelch free speech. This is America. We have a right to disagree and we have a right to free speech.”

I’ll let you ponder how Christ would have felt about clergy calling for violence against gays in his name.

He’s against raising teacher salaries, increasing school funding, air quality, seat belt laws, increased access to public lands and streams, scholarship programs, expanding state insurance for Motana children, and using state funds to care for the needy. He’s voted against the Montana ethanol and biodiesel industry, country of origin labels, the Made-in-Montana program, a raise of the minimum wage, and funding for domestic violence victims, tax breaks for small businesses, and was opposed to 2005 House Bill 198, which defined policies against school bullying. He’s no friend of alternative energy, but a big friend of development (which might explain the source of most of his funding).

In other words, he’s opposed to just about every useful state program that exists.

Of course, like many Republicans, who view life not as an experience but as an opportunity to cash in, Sinrud has struggled with ethics when it comes to money. Seems he is the direct of Christian Heritage School, Bozeman-based private school, which coincidentally gave his architecture firm a sweetheart $1.7 million contract. Or maybe it’s a little business between friends.

He made vague threats on-air on Yellowstone Public Radio to fellow blogger, Wulfgar! (“I know where you live.”)

Although appointed to his seat in 2002 to fill a mid-session vacancy, Sinrud claims he was elected in 2000 on his work website.

And if that wasn’t enough to dislike Sinrud, he finds his service in the House of Representatives to be odious. After repeated complaining about having to occasionally work on weekends, Sinrud once walked out of a budget meeting in April 2005. And it was Sinrud’s wife, Kim, who famously compared her family’s situation during legislative session to a soldier’s who had been called to Iraq:

I would like to personally wish a Merry Christmas to all Gallatin Valley residents. I now have a better understanding of what military spouses go through when their loved ones are called up to go somewhere other than home to serve their country.

Last week our governor called a special session … 11 days before Christmas. I understand the need for a special session, but why call it 11 days before Christmas?

Again, I’ll let you ponder.


Again, you know what to do. Visit Act Blue’s “Paint Montana Blue” page, where you can donate to several state-level candidates. I assume Matt will be adding to this list in the near future, but in the meantime Van Dyk, Furey, and Kenyon are in important swing districts and could use some help. Let’s not let the John Sinruds steer the ship in 2007.

Update: Oops, I was wrong about the threat to Wulfgar! From “A Chicken is Not Pillage“:

A final note to touchstone:  John didn’t threaten me on Yellowstone Public Radio, and he didn’t say “I know where you live”.  He threatened me, if that’s what that weak sauce was, on KMMS.  The radio show was Citizen’s Voice, which all good Bozeman liberals should be listening to.  What he said was “I know what you look like”.  I don’t take that as a threat because, a)  I laughed at him, and b) now he knows he couldn’t take me down (in more ways than one, right John?).  No, John was just being a bully, and bullies don’t like it when you push back.  John, ignorant as he is, has decided to play in our bailiwick of the Inter-tubes.  It’s time to push back.

  1. Oh, now you’ve done it! According to Roger Koopman, you’re nothing but a hate-blogger! And Dennis Rehberg is look into controlling your @55.

    All cockroaches fear is the light, and I applaud you turning up the wattage.

  2. John Sinrud

    Thanks for the compliments, just a note of advice. I didn’t get a $1.7 million deal and I’m not the direct (your sp) of Christian Heritage School in fact there is no such school. But as a typical liberal blogger you can’t get it right. Thanks for the dedicated page.

  3. You know, I’m not entirely sure Sinrud has anything to hide from with that school project, but he acts like it. Heritage Christian is the name of the school and he did serve on its board of directors.

    However, it doesn’t seem like we have enough information about the contract to make such accusations. Is that what he was paid or is that how much the it cost to complete the project?

    Sadly, John decided not to explain, but to obfuscate. Not surprising.

  4. John, why did you work to overturn the ban on game farms, an initiative voted on and approved by the people of Montana?

  5. John Sinrud

    Jeff, why not use your full name. I have nothing to hide just reading what was written and pointing out the errors. I did serve on the board for Heritage Christian School not Christian Heritage School (by the way take off the Montana Democrat e-mail, which was slanderous). The building was $1.7 million estimated. It sure is easy for people to make these types of statements to try to harm people with different views but I think the democrats went to far in accusing the school of wrong doing that is shameful.

  6. John Sinrud

    wackolib, how would you like to have your livelihood taken way from you? The reason that the game farms were shut down was to stop CWD spreading to wildlife, yet the farms still remain they just can’t sell a hunt. Also there was not requirement to have extra fencing put up or any other precaution put in place to stop the spread. All the Initiative did was stop the hunt. Lets solve problems!

  7. Jeff, why not use your full name.

    It doesn’t seem relevant. My full name, address, and phone number are available to anyone who cares enough to look up my domain registration.

    I have nothing to hide just reading what was written and pointing out the errors.

    You pointed out two minor and essentially irrelevant errors and ignored explaining the $1.7 million number, which is the most important point here. That looks like dodging the issue. Why not just put up a clear explanation of your side of this? We’re all reasonable people here.

  8. Hmm, I apparently can’t use blockquotes properly. Sorry about that.

  9. John Sinrud

    Jeff, I didn’t catch your last name. The building cost was $1.7 million.

  10. John Sinrud

    Hey, Jeff what about Tester increasing Business Equipment Tax on over 16,000 small business by the tune of $60 million per year (SB48 removing the tax removal trigger, It sure seems as if Tester is tyring to hide his true tax record, just another liberal lie. Can’t you guys just tell the truth.

  11. John Sinrud

    Check out my web site to learn more about me

  12. BriaN


    Can we infer from the fact that you took issue only with word order and total dollar amount, that the rest of the characterization of your public record is generally accurate? Allowing for the liberal bias and inevitable spin, of course.

    For the record – I share the bias, appreciate the spin, my last name is Page, and the Bozeman Chronicle says it was a $1.37 million dollar contract (if this is the same one, which seems likely – John?):

    Of course, being a liberal, I’m certain to have made some fatal slaw, such as a spelling error, which will no doubt invalidate any points I tried to make.

    P.S. In case I failed to make my points by inference, they include:
    1) Is John Sinrud really “opposed to just about every useful state program that exists.”
    2) Public figures are expected to avoid the appearance of impropriety as well as actual impropriety – What is/has John Sinrud done in that respect with regards to the Heritage Christian School contract?
    3) If John Sinrud was not elected to his current office, why does he claim he was on his website? Which claim is wrong here? This site cites his margin of victory: while this document explicitly uses the word “apppointed”
    4) Personally, I’m more concerned with issues like whether this bill: bill to make submission of a development plan sufficient to establish a vested use was really designed to handcuff the government so it can’t do things like protect it’s water supply whenever some yahoo with dollar-signs for eyes decides to pitch a big subdivision at a rancher who’s arthritis is acting up. As an architect, is this legislation introduced for the public’s benefit, or for his?
    5) Does John Sinrud represent the people of Bozeman? Here’s how his record lines up with some of the more prominent interest groups: (I chose this category to start because it seems ironic to me that he sits on a school’s board, yet scores so poorly on teacher’s issues. But perhaps it is to be expected – Heritage Christian School does not have a philosophy or approach that would be appropriate in Public Schools.

  13. BriaN

    Tell the truth?
    Small businesses?

    When I read the text of the bill you just posted I see a radical simplification of a cumbersome law which benefits truly small businesses.

    No more complicated formulas, just raise the blanket tax exemption. Now if you own less than $20,000 worth of class 8 equipment there is no tax – formerly it was $5,000.

    And the truth is Tester is costing small businesses $60 million? I would say the bill transfers a tax burden onto businesses better able to pay it while reducing waste and improving predictability of tax revenues.

    Hurling invective is a poor debate strategy, whether liberal, conservative, or apolitical.


  14. Business taxes weren’t increased, John. Nice spin, though.

    The tax was frozen at its current rate, not increased.

    You are feeding the wrong wolf, Mr. Sinrud.

  15. Jeff, I didn’t catch your last name. The building cost was $1.7 million.

    I told you where to find it. I’m not going to tell you how the Internet works. I see no reason to use it here unless it’s necessary.

    I think Brian asked the appropriate question about the contract, beyond just what the number is. Again, you could have explained this, but you’ve chosen invective. Plus, you’re apparently spinning that small business bill pretty badly. Man, why can’t you just tell the truth?

  16. Colby Natale

    Funny how once you guys started pressing on the 1.7 million dollar issue he just ran off huh?

    That’s how them Republicans roll!

  17. Josh

    Stupid liberal twisting of reality.

    Hate crimes are just a way to make penalties worse for white males. If a black guy assaults a white guy, he is “oppressed”. If a white guy assaults a black guy, it is automatically a hate crime.

    Hate crimes are the first step towards speech crimes. It’s a natural progression, and there are dozens of nations that provide examples. Canada and the U.K. are great examples of what this leads to.

    Another thing that bugs me is how American liberals point to the Marxist governments in the U.K. and France (well, now they have a Hungarian neocon) and hold that up as an example of how America should be.

    First of all, most Europeans are far more conservative than any Americans, even your so-called conservatives. Some of the European governments are extremely left-wing, and we hate them. Secondly, the European socialist states only work because we still have a large majority of…Europeans! The Swedish social system would never work in America. You can not give free medical care to every Mexican that stumbles across your unsecured southern border.

    You like to think of your politics in terms of left and right wings, but if you would get out and experience real politics, you would see there is no political opposition in America. Your Republican/Democrat government is pro-Mexico, pro-Israel, pro-war, and anti-American through and through.

    You like to imagine your Democrats provide an alternative to the pro-War Republicans, but it is obvious they too are controlled by AIPAC. It’s called “fake opposition”. AIPAC controls both sides of the debate so that no genuine opposition can form.

    Democrats are not weak or stupid. They are complicit.

  18. Libyroll

    Hate crime legislation protects minorities. I can kinda understand how a person who is not a minority wouldn’t “get it.” Poor poor white males! Shoot, the way we’re letting everybody in the country, white males will be a minority soon, and can reap the benefits of hate crime laws…hooray!

  19. John Hall

    Hey John (R) house District #67. What about this “Green Acres Cooperative Inc” (1721 South Woodland Drive, Kalispell, MT 59901) deal with your “buddy” Loren “George” Everett (R) House District #5 (who owns the property). It seems that the residents have had two informal meetings about forming a Mobile Home Co-Op (per the ROC USA). You initiated this movement. Recruited and proclaimed a “Steering Committee”, Chaired these meetings, and “George” was in attendance and spoke. Don’t you own #13 in that park? But you could hardly be called a “resident” because you do not live there. You just visit 1-2 days a month. Now the residents have been given a membership application, with no return address. It is a joke that your “Buddy” wants $950.000.00 for a property that was appraised by the State (2010) at less than $600,000.00. Add to that “George” will retain 1/7th of the property, according to your committee. All of this has been done with out representation of the residents. I guess they will go along with anything that sounds good. What about the HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS in “liabilities’ the residents will assume IN THE AFTERMATH? IE: The failing septic tanks “George” pumps weekly. No permits will be issued to fix them, so the “Co-OP” WILL BE FORCED TO HOOK UP TO THE CITY OF KALISPELL. And in order to do that….THEY WILL HAVE TO PETITION TO BE ANNEXED (FROM FLATHEAD COUNTY) IN TO THE CITY OF KALISPELL. THE FEES ALONE ARE (COMMERCIAL-PER/UNIT) OVER A HUNDRED GRAND!!. ADD TO THAT – SURVEYING, ESCAVATION, MATERIALS AND RESTORATION . What have they bought? Despite your applications for Grants, and promises for a “rosy” future of “Home ownership”, all you have done is…SOLD YOUR BUDDY “George” ‘s property, AND LADEN THESE DEBTS UPON OTHERS… Think of how their tax bracket will change being part of the City of Kalispell? Maybe you did not know all of these implications…

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    […] Sam Kitzenberg explains his party switch, says that state Republicans harassed him for being too independent. Then John Sinrud harasses Kitzenberg. Matt’s take. […]

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