Creep: John Coughlan

Today’s creep paid me a visit here at 4&20 blackbirds and left me an unpleasant little message. I deleted it, because…well…it was rude and vaguely threatening and I didn’t want others to think I condoned that sort of comment.

But then I was thinking it would be better to air out this kind of thinking, expose it to the light.

I should mention up front I believe in freedom of speech for all. Coughlan’s free to spew his hate — on his own blog or in public. But I also believe that you should bear responsibility for your words. John Coghlan can wish me pain and suffering, but he should suffer public humiliation for doing so. That’s why I’m posting his words here.

u should pack your liberal ass up and move back to massachusetts, are u kidding me?

if you really believe half the sh*t you say here then you should be the moron being tortured for being so **** stupid. When this nation falls ( and it will) people like you will be the reason it fell and also the first ones killed by the new rulers.

Where to begin with this? What got me was the belief that our nation’s existence is under threat from (one presumes) terrorists – how ridiculous is that? We survived foreign occupation, two world wars, and a running 25-year threat of imminent nuclear annihilation. Tell me, how in the world does terrorism compare? Answer: it doesn’t. Only in the paranoid delusions of a few bed-wetting radical right-wingers.

Honestly, it’s people like these that make you take the psychological analysis of Bush supporters seriously. According to a report by Jost and Glaser, conservatives exhibit the following traits…“anxiety about death,” “dogmatism,” “needs for order, structure and ‘cognitive closure’ – the need for a firm belief on a given topic.”

Jost noted that different economic groups may have different motivations for adopting right-wing ideologies. Disadvantaged individuals might be more likely to be motivated by a need to reduce fear and uncertainty, while the advantaged might be motivated by self-interest and a desire for social dominance….If the system is challenged, or threatened, then those who suffer most under it have the most rationalizing to do. “One way to minimize dissonance would be to redouble one’s commitment and support for the system, much as hazed initiates pledge increased loyalty to the fraternity that hazes them….”

Of particular interest in the context of the PIPA studies are Jost et al.’s observations on conservatives’ attitudes toward uncertainty. Uncertainty is perceived as a threat..

Thus, anything that challenges the conservative’s dogmatic ordering of the world would be considered a threat not only to the individual’s ideas, but to his perception of his world. And that would unsettle the poor soul. Maybe enough to get him to write hate mail to liberal bloggers.

Do I think this psychological profile is true for all conservatives, or even most of them? No. But it goes a long way in explaining people like today’s creep, or the 35 percent that stubbornly cling to the Bush presidency and policies despite the overwhelming amount of evidence that shows he is an idiot and amateur authoritarian.

People. Get a grip.

  1. Now, Scott and I are heavily armed, and we’ve made no bones about that fact. Why don’t these dipsporks come at us with their insults and stupidity? Could it be that they are terrified? Could it be that they serve the will of terrorists? Could it be that they are the most loathsome of pathetic humanity?

    One would think, yes!

  2. So you’re saying that conservatism is a form of mental illness? Well, if it is, then I don’t want to be well.

  3. GP

    I think he was saying that delusions of imminent anarchy leading to an authoritarian rule where your ideological opposites are executed is a symptom of mental illness (or at least adolescent fantasy and disengagement from reality), but feel free to put up another straw man markt – maybe it’ll stand up a little better the second time around.

  4. TMM

    He’s a knucklehead alright, but don’t assume 35% of the population agree with those views.

    It’s entertaining to see that the existence of conservatism warrants study. No person of real thought could possibly believe what they do.

  5. When the country was in trouble, they turned to the right wing. I think there’s a reason for that. In insane times, you need insane people to lead. I think that’s why we turned to Geoge W. Bush. You may tweak him if you will for being unable to think properly and as a guy who doesn’t read, and that’s probalby true, but when it came time to put white knuckles on the steering wheel, he did the right thing. He attacked places. That’s what insane people do, they attack other places. And we’re going to keep on doing it, and if all you “sane” people think that’s wrong, well I just want you to know that the only reason you get to be sane is because you’re being protected by insane people.

  6. Thanks, GP! You pretty much summed it up.

    TMM is right in that not all of Bush’s continued support is delusional. Still…I mean after all the evidence points to him being a total f*ckup, how could you support the guy unless you were nuts?

    Just curious.

  7. Sanguin

    No it’s not because of your “insane protection” here we get to draw a line between the U.S. Government and George Dubbya, For fortuneately I still see a vast difference. And would you trust a person who doesn’t think properly with a World Power’s milatary and nuclear power?

  8. And would you trust a person who doesn’t think properly with a World Power’s milatary and nuclear power?


    In fact, I wouldn’t trust a sane person with all this power. Thus, the checks and balances in the Constitution…

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