Tester on gun control issues

A little while ago, I wrote a post on the NRA’s support of Senator Conrad Burns, and how it was an obvious partisan move, placing the Republican party above the Second Amendment.

There was a little fussing from the usual suspects in the comments, saying that Tester’s in the “party of gun control,” and by golly he’d fold up and sell you and your right to bear arms down the first left-leaning river he could find!

So, let’s deal with specifics, shall we? When recently pinged about a number of gun-related legislation, Tester’s camp answered. Let’s take a look…

On the Disaster Recovery Personal Protection Act, which prohibits federal officials from confiscating legal firearms during time of national emergency?

Jon believes the right to bear arms is not conditioned on any situation and should not be curtailed.

On the Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms Act, which “prevent firearms manufacturers and dealers from being held liable for crimes committed with their products”?

Jon believes in personal responsibility and accountability and opposes any efforts to shut down the manufacture of firearms.

On the “Brady II” bill (politically unfeasible for almost a decade now) provisions increasing taxes on ammunition or a federal “arsenal” license?

Jon does not support new license requirements or taxes on firearms or ammunition.

On the Washington DC ban of handguns, enacted in 1976?

Jon opposes the DC Gun Ban.

On concealed weapons?

Jon supports the right of citizens to lawfully carry concealed weapons.

And in summary:

Jon Tester strongly believes in our Second Amendment rights. As a gun owner and custom butcher Jon made his living with a gun for 25 years. As a legislator Tester voted repeatedly to protect gun rights. In the United States Senate, Jon will stand up to anyone — Republican or Democrat — who wants to take away Montanans’ gun rights.

Now I’ve said this before, personally I’m more “squishy” on gun control than your typical Montanan. For example, I’m not crazy about the Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms Act because I think manufacturers should be held accountable for marketing and manufacturing practices that panders to, say, crime. (“Saturday night specials”?) I also think communities might have a good reason to have temporary and targeted bans.

But the point here isn’t my views, it’s Jon Tester’s. Jon is absolutely in favor of Second Amendment rights, even more so than Senator Burns, who’s a big proponent of the Patriot Act. So if you’re waffling on Tester over the issue of gun rights, waffle no longer.

The question, of course, remains. Why does the NRA continue to support Burns over Tester, even though Tester’s record on gun control is better?

  1. jhwygirl

    How do you figure out how much money NRA lobbyists gave to Burns? Or any big name gun maker? Therein, sir, may lie the answer.

  2. Baucus made the same promises Tester makes now. Baucus sold us out. Why? Because when the chips are down, and the gun-control advocates get within one vote of trampling the Second Amendment, party does matter. Period, end of story. When it’s that close, the D behind his name made the difference. Tester’s got the same letter back there. Want to know why most of us who care deeply about the Second Amendment will never trust another Democrat? Ask Max Baucus.

  3. My friend, you are making a huge mistake comparing Baucus with Tester. They are not the same man. IMHO, Baucus is closer to Burns in character…

  4. William Knight

    I’m definitely to the right of Jay when it comes to gun control, but I always laugh when I see comments from people like NeoMadison, who appears to have an obssessive attachment to the Second Amendment to the exclusion of far more important issues affecting our lives.

    I certainly don’t want anyone to take away my right to have a gun, but the fact of the matter is that the safety of myself and my family is a thousand times more endangered by the policies of right-wingers like Conrad Burns, who has sabotaged our national security and long-term economic future through financial irresponsibility, corporate corruption, military disasters and weakening of our public infrastructure.

    A crippled economony, unemployment, lack of health care and poverty are the real threats facing us. Having a firearm won’t do squat to protect your family or yourself from that.

  1. 1 Links… « 4&20 blackbirds

    […] New West’s Bill Schneider claims the NRA’s endorsement of Conrad Burns only further proves that it doesn’t represent hunters. H*ll, I’ve gone further than that! The NRA doesn’t actually represent gun rights, it’s a Republican PAC. Period. […]

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