Matt notices that Senator Burns is losing his own push polls, and Shane thinks Burns has been abandoned by Senate Republicans. (Charles Johnson’s take.) Use these news items as incentive to go out and volunteer for Tester’s campaign, not to sit idly home. We’re in a good position but still need that election-day push

Tester makes the cover of The Weekly Standard. Good, honest assessment of the race and our state’s political environment.

Pogie illustrates why you should vote for Jon Tester even if he doesn’t agree with your pet cause.

Burns’ legal fees top $90K. Who else thinks Connie’s ran for Senate to build up a decent legal defense fund?

Moorcat presents the world with part one of his election endorsements.

The Idaho Stateman endorses Larry Grant. Good news, and absolutely the right choice.

Colorado Republicans choose sleaze in the last desperate days of the election. A harbinger of things to come here in Montana?

Intelligent Discontent continues its crusade against bad reporting and critiques stories by Charles Johnson, Walt Williams, and Matt Gouras.

For a little perspective on the Montana Senate race, check out Aspen’s whacky sheriff’s election.

Over 70 House races have been labeled “competitive” by insider prognostication publication, Congressional Quarterly. Insider pundit, Stuart Rothenberg, in January 2005: “As for [MyDD’s Chris] Bowers’ assertion that he wants ‘80 serious challenges’ to GOP incumbents next year, he might as well ask for 120 or 150. I want vacation houses in Napa Valley and Palm Beach, and I’d like to be 35 years old again.” Excellent proof of how insider pundits are generally a bunch of morons.

Barney Frank defends the outing of gay social conservatives.

Mitt Romney coordinating his campaign with the Morman Church? Oops, that violates federal tax rules.

“Stay the course”? Whoever heard of such a ridiculous strategy?

Kevin Drum wonders how long it’ll take before we recover from the Bush Presidency: “If he had set out to willfully and deliberately expose our weaknesses to the world and undermine our strengths, he couldn’t have done more to cripple America’s power and influence in the world. Beneath the bluster, he’s done more to weaken our national security than any president since World War II.” Digby reminds us that this is what’s at stake in November.

Allison Glock on the lack of decent Halloween costumes for women in big-box stores. I’ve noticed this, too. When did the holiday become all about sex?

  1. Widowmaker

    Touchstone, I’m afraid that the costume selections are not limited to big box stores. While trying to find a costume for my niece I went to many websites, and small costume shops in Missoula and other cities. I was disgusted. For 6 or 26 year old the costumes are sex objects. I was appalled and disgusted when I came across “Bad B” for a 6 year old. And “naughty school girl” in the same size. This is an outrage! She is 6! A child! My niece eventually did find a cute “princess” outfit at Wal-Mart. As for my wife…its either naughty mouse, sexy vampire, and vixen Viking. I think we’ll stay home this year.

  2. I got an email with all kinds of costumes available by mail order. They were perfect for anyone who wants to be:

    …a slutty nurse
    …a slutty pirate
    …a slutty bride of Frankenstein
    …a slutty slut.

    Just the look I was going for, definitely.

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