Google Bombing the Republicans

Chris Bowers of MyDD has created a “Google bomb” project. Basically, he’s set up a series of links of Republican candidates for Congress and confirmed traditional media stories that are “negative.” (E.g., Burns’ link goes to his anti-firefighters’ remarks.) As bloggers copy to their site these links, the linked-to stories will rise to the top of Google searches when folks enter the candidates’ names into the search engine. The idea is that, when undecided voters search Google for information on their candidates, they’ll see the negative story.

It’s one of these new-fangled Internet political tactics that conservatives pioneered in the 2004 election against John Kerry. And while some may consider it under-handed, it’s important to note that the stories are confirmed and from mainstream publications. They’re true, in other words.

Conservative bloggers are responding, too. And while doing so, conservative John Hawkins noticed something funny while Googling the candidates:

As an aside, while I was researching articles for this Googlebomb, I noticed something interesting: most Republican candidates, for whatever reason, already had at least one negative article up on the front page of Google. On the other hand, again, for whatever reason, it was not unusual for me to go 3 or 4 pages deep into some of these Democratic candidates without finding a single, negative, article about them. So, ironically, we may have a good opportunity to make a much bigger impact than the liberal bloggers with this Googlebomb. We’ll see.

Got that? Apparently Republicans already have more dirt on them than their Democratic counterparts!

But wait! It gets better! A quick look through Hawkins’ links shows that the articles are hardly damning. In fact, as in the case of Jon Tester, they may actually help the Democratic candidate. The link that Hawkins chose for Tester is about his opposition to the Patriot Act – only the Patriot Act ain’t all too liked by many here in Montana! H*ll, some Montana conservatives are talking about creating their own Republican caucus to protect individual liberties.

NY 26 Democrat, Jack Davis’ link takes you to his Wikipedia page, which, if anything looks like it would sway conservative-leaning undecides. The negative link against Ned Lamont is actually about a blogger who supports Ned Lamont. Other links take you to primary opponents’ attack ads. A number of important Democratic challengers don’t even have links – like Wyoming’s Gary Trauner and Idaho’s Larry Grant. In short, there’s little substance here.

Meanwhile, a quick look at some of MyDD’s links (see below) and you’ll find an endorsement for racial profiling (Peter King), a cover-up for a child sex predator (Dennis Hastert), accusations of involvement in bank fraud (Charles Taylor), and earmarks aimed at campaign donors (Steve Chabot).

In the end, these competing sets of links should clearly illustrate the GOP’s culture of corruption.

And here they are!

–AZ-Sen: Jon Kyl

–AZ-01: Rick Renzi

–AZ-05: J.D. Hayworth

–CA-04: John Doolittle

–CA-11: Richard Pombo

–CA-50: Brian Bilbray

–CO-04: Marilyn Musgrave

–CO-05: Doug Lamborn

–CO-07: Rick O’Donnell

–CT-04: Christopher Shays

–FL-13: Vernon Buchanan

–FL-16: Joe Negron

–FL-22: Clay Shaw

–ID-01: Bill Sali

–IL-06: Peter Roskam

–IL-10: Mark Kirk

–IL-14: Dennis Hastert

–IN-02: Chris Chocola

–IN-08: John Hostettler

–IA-01: Mike Whalen

–KS-02: Jim Ryun

–KY-03: Anne Northup

–KY-04: Geoff Davis

–MD-Sen: Michael Steele

–MN-01: Gil Gutknecht

–MN-06: Michele Bachmann

–MO-Sen: Jim Talent

–MT-Sen: Conrad Burns

–NV-03: Jon Porter

–NH-02: Charlie Bass

–NJ-07: Mike Ferguson

–NM-01: Heather Wilson

–NY-03: Peter King

–NY-20: John Sweeney

–NY-26: Tom Reynolds

–NY-29: Randy Kuhl

–NC-08: Robin Hayes

–NC-11: Charles Taylor

–OH-01: Steve Chabot

–OH-02: Jean Schmidt

–OH-15: Deborah Pryce

–OH-18: Joy Padgett

–PA-04: Melissa Hart

–PA-07: Curt Weldon

–PA-08: Mike Fitzpatrick

–PA-10: Don Sherwood

–RI-Sen: Lincoln Chafee

–TN-Sen: Bob Corker

–VA-Sen: George Allen

–VA-10: Frank Wolf

–WA-Sen: Mike McGavick

–WA-08: Dave Reichert

Posted by touchstone

  1. readbetween

    I vote for this one for Conrad Burns. It’s already #6.

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