Matt’s posted about the latest scandal news from Conrad Burns and INSA, and some articles on the validity of the junior Senator’s claim he provides the state with pork. (Not as much as he’d like you to think.)

The Montana Senate race has reached the ears and eyes of the UK. Of course, they’re mostly interested in Jon’s hair.

The New York Times does a piece on the Senate race in response to CQ’s upgrading to “Leans Democratic.”

And here’s a Seattle Times profile of the race, too. I don’t know about you, but they’re all beginning to sound the same.

Meanwhile, a Tester staff who had gone missing was found. Apparently some disease he picked up in Africa caused him to be “disoriented.” Remind me not to go to Africa.

Meanwhile, American military veterans are less than pleased with Senator Burns.

Rachel Byrd has a helpful reminder for interpreting polls.

Courtney Lowrey has a roundup of political doings in the inland West.

Notorious Mark T on Diebold machines.

Tom Philpott questions whether the production of ethanol fuel would actually benefit small farmers.

The Cato Institute’s William Niskanen is calling for a divided government. That is, he thinks you should vote Democratic this year.

And why not? There are so many Republican scandals, that even Kos has to post the daily dish in a multiple-link post. (Burns’ INSA connections make the list!)

Wesley Clark vs Bill O’Reilly, the statesman against the demagogue.

Tennessee Republican Bob Corker claims he can’t pull the racist anti-Ford ad that was endorsed by the RNC. Classy.

The US drops to 53rd in the Reporters Without Borders Worldwide Press Freedom Index. So you still think Bush administration unconstitutional activities aren’t affecting you?

Bush, “the Google,” and the fact that he’s afraid someone might read his email. Like you.

Kos nails it: the problems in Iraq aren’t the result of “partisan bickering” (i.e., dissent), but unfettered one-party rule. Had enough?

Steve Benen has come up with the best analogy ever for the Bush Presidency, inspired by today’s press conference: a turtle on a fencepost. “[Y]ou know the turtle didn’t get there by himself, you know he doesn’t belong there, he can’t get anything done while he’s up there, and you just want to help get the poor thing down.” Amen.

  1. I was on the google today and you know what I discovered? Bush doesn’t email anyone because he KNOWS the email is being read by the NSA. He is paranoid of hie own rules that he set up!

  2. TMM

    Sheesh, I am considering a hunting trip to Africa… do they have a shot for that? Hope he’s alright.

  3. Are you getting the whole battery of shots and the malaria pills and everything? Whatever you do, don’t drink the water and don’t breathe the air!

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