Man! There sure is a lot of dirt on Burns coming to the surface lately! Ouch! Without further ado, let’s see what folks have to say:

President Bush campaigns on behalf of Burns in Billings! Boy, that should help. Not.

Oh, and what about all those appropriations Connie’s brought to the state? Baucus says he’s the man, not the junior member of the delegation.

And from TesterTime, Jon’s campaign blog, there’s a whole passel of info: some questionable voting the same day he cashed a check from big oil; a taxpayer advocacy calls for Burns to step down from the Senate Appropriations Committee for his flagrant spending habits; and a nice roundup of the Marianas Island debacle, complete with links.

The Bozeman Chronicle reports that the group Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics names Burns one of the “13 most corrupt” members of Congress.

And now for the rest of the news:

Is the massive concentration of US naval strength off the coast of Iran just manly posturing or provocation for war? I guess we’ll find out right before the election.

Jaime has a scoop about the trio of terrible initiatives! Apparently Howie Rich’s group, Americans for Limited Government, lost its authority to do business in the state from February to September of this year, the same time it was funneling money through Travis Butcher to fund their initiatives. First fraud, now this?

Speaking of terrible initiatives, Oregonians rue passing Measure 37, the regulatory-takings initiative and b*stard stepsibling of Montana’s own CI 154.

Scott has some endorsements and observations about state legislative candidates after attending a candidate forum.

Buzztail urges us to pay attention to the issue of poverty this election. So vote for the minimum wage initiative already, people!

Internal polls have Idaho Democratic gubernatorial candidate Jerry Brady up two points over his Republican counterpart, Butch Otter. Sure it’s an internal poll, but even so that’s good news in this (formerly?) conservative state. (And look who’s there to announce the good news!) (Julie’s take, with details.)

And national Republicans feel compelled to dump money in Wyoming to save Barbara Cubin’s bacon. You know what to do. Every little bit helps.

Meanwhile, in Colorado, Democrats are surging. Good news everywhere…

And Nicole has words for everybody involved in the Schweitzer-Koopman age-of-the-Earth kerfluffle.

Colby: Sir, Barak Obama is no liberal!

The Crashing the States guys blew through Montana recently, leaving lefty Shane and righty Craig in their wake. A good time was had by all, and much amusing epistolary evidence was created.

Bookmark this! Gristmill gives you a handy reference sheet on how to talk to a climate change skeptic.

Glenn Greenwald comments on the New Jersey’s decision that gay couples deserve equal spousal rights.

Racist attack ad against Harold Ford is pulled from the airwaves. Mehlman is in denial.

Peter King thinks the NAACP and AARP are radical organizations, which only shows how far off the charts he is.

Boeing involved in rendition. Got any Boeing stock?

Olbermann comments on Limbaugh’s tasteless criticism of Michael J. Fox. (Includes video of Limbaugh mimicking Fox’ symptoms a classy response by the actor and some cheap shots at Limbaugh.)

Karl Rove is p*ssed that reality has a liberal bias.

Vanity Fair has a great article on the Haditha massacre. It’s not accusatory, but instead contemplates the conditions that may have created it.

Ten cool quotes about “patriotism.” I’m sure you’ll be able to guess my favorite.

  1. Widowmaker

    I do have a question, wheres the press, and the other groups screaming crazy things when Michael J Fox mocked Rush’s DISEASE as well? Two wrongs don’t make a right, but just because Fox isn’t GOP he can get away with it. Classy! Do democrats “own” disease this election? Democrat John Edwards promised the world that Reeves would walk with stem cell research, well it hasn’t been banned, rules have even been lifted in the last 5 years. Empty promises. Had enough?

  2. I don’t believe Fox mocked Rush’s addiction. That was Olbermann, right?

  3. Widowmaker

    Fox actually did. He replied “You shouldn’t be the one talking about taking pills Rush”. Fox admitted he didn’t take his pills to show the extent of his Parkinson’s to congress. Rush said he might have done the same thing for the commercial. But also, to use your disease for political gain like Fox has done you open up a door for people to question it.

  4. Fox has also campaigned for Alren Specter who also supports stem-cell research. It’s pretty clear that Fox’ interest in this is…self-serving? Certainly it seems he’s concerned with neurological disorders and the potential for stem cell research to lead to medical advances in the area.

    The shaking you see from Fox is a result of his medication.

    The ad in question is hardly an attack ad. It’s a simple statement from a guy with a disease who believes stem cell reseach can help him and people like him. It’s not negative. It’s not an attack ad. To question his integrity or character because he’s giving a face to millions of people around the world with similar conditions and hopes is disengenuous.

    Talent did the right thing by responding with another commerical with people like Jeff Suppan and Kurt Warner expressing their view on the issue. That’s the way it should work, that kind of back and forth, not spurious character attacks on a messenger.

  5. Widowmaker

    I agree. Rush attacking Fox was wrong. But, Fox attacking Rush was also wrong. But nobody (but me apparently) has called him out on it. Making fun of somebodies disease, even if you are Fox, is wrong.

  6. To be fair to Fox, Rush just mocked him on national radio. Considering the circumstances, he was pretty classy. Certainly classier than I’d be — or am, ha ha.

  7. readbetween

    Rush, as I remember, is not a big proponent of the disease theory of addiction. Maybe his stance has changed since he decided he didn’t want to be penned up for criminal behavior.

    As for me, existentialist hack that I am, I call for some personal responsibility. Rush is just a junkie and that’s not sickness; it’s a pattern of behavior. And I learned that from Rush when I was just a young pup tuned in to EIB.

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