Tester over 50 percent; a pep talk

The latest Rasmussen poll is out and its results are interesting, to say the least. Tester: 51%; Burns: 47%.

The difference between the two candidates is, as always, in the margin of error.

The thing I find interesting about this poll is the small number of undecided voters: 2%. That gibes with the feeling I got when walking around my neighborhood ringing doorbells. People have heard enough. People have heard too much. They’ve mostly made up their minds.

It’s also nice to Jon break the magic 50% barrier. But the Rasmussen trend also shows Burns’ numbers steadily growing, up from around 42-3% where he’s been hovering for months.

But remember, this is a poll, only a poll. They are known to be wrong. Use it as inspiration. Don’t let it make you complacent. This final week is critical. There are just a handful of voters still undecided, and they may swing this election.

Here’s what we all need to do: we need to get out there and put a face on Tester-mania. If you haven’t volunteered yet, do it. Now. Put aside your doubt and insecurities. It’s believing time. It’s not often you can say you stood up and spoke out and made a difference. Now’s that time.


Posted by touchstone

  1. Anne

    Did you watch CSpan this morning? The MSU-B professor said it was a toss up. Even though, he said, different polls show Tester ahead from 4-11 percent. Disappointing that only one caller was from Montana — Missoula. One lady from NM said she lived in Montana and had worked for Burns previously. Was very emotional about how she felt she had been betrayed.

    No one is calling this a tossup except in Montana.

  2. It’s not a tossup, it’s a lean D race. But it’s still a tough one and one we could lose.

  3. I’m with Matt. A week is a long time. If we sit on our hands, we could lose the 2% we need to win.

  4. Sorry, DCKidd. This is a family show. *ssholes not invited. Don’t let the door hit you on the *ss on the way out.

  5. Isn’t “*” the shorthand symbol for asshole? That’s how Budge refers to me, anyway.

  6. That’s hardly a recommendation for using it, now is that?

  7. Bunky

    “This is a family show”?

    With all these homo lovers and fetus suction advocates?

  8. What is up with you people? Seriously? I’m half tempted to delete this, but I couldn’t imagine a better advocate for left ideology than the kind of hate and narrow-mindedness espoused in this comment.

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