Forward Montana is having a Trick-or-Treat party tonight.

Matt considers the tightening of the Montana Senate race.

Jon Tester is a very bad man because he…helps his neighbors?

A Big Sandy Kossak mulls over neighbors who would throw their community under a bus to keep Burns in office.

Why? According to former Abramoff associate, “Burns’ staff ate so many free meals at Abramoff’s restaurant, people joked they would have ‘starved to death’ without the lobbyist.”

Here’s a little preview of what kind of rhetoric Montanans will have to stomach next week.

Idaho’s gubernatorial race is now listed as a toss up; and reports on the recent debate in Twin Falls.

News of the bizarre: DC insiders claim the ‘Netroots is holding them back from challenging a wide sweep of races…? I mean…er…how do you respond to something as dumb as this? Are they just trying to take credit for 2006 successes?

Ron Suskind slams Bush administration over rendition, torture.

George Allen’s staff manhandles a blogger asking the Senator a question about his sealed divorce papers.

Unfortunately for Allen the passages from this book are non-fiction.

John Kerry slips up the delivery of a joke and is hammered for “attacking the troops.” Kerry: “If anyone thinks a veteran would criticize the more than 140,000 heroes serving in Iraq and not the president who got us stuck there, they’re crazy…”

The government is now going after unmarried adults with their abstinence-only program. Why am I paying tax dollars for this bullsh*t?

Hm. Maybe this had something to do with Air America’s bankruptcy. Certainly it mirrors the reason for the departure of Missoula’s affiliate.

Glenn Greenwald over Blitzer’s surprise at having his patriotism questioned by Lynne Cheney: “No sentient person could be ‘surprised’ when Bush followers attack someone’s patriotism and accuse them of wanting The Terrorists to win. That is what they do. It is who they are. They have been doing exactly that for five years now and one could quite reasonably suggest that this has been their principal political tactic.”

You knew it was coming: Colbert on Limbaugh.

It’s hunting season in Montana, and Justin is there.

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