Matt Singer’s Home (for 36 Hours, At Least)

by Matt Singer

Alright, folks. Hopefully, you’re used to reading me over at Left in the West. Well, I screwed up and went with a lousy domain registrar and now I can’t renew my domain. I’ll get a new-and-improved shop set up after the election, but with all the work to be done, that’s a low priority.

So what’s happening?

  • Both the Republicans and the Democrats have unprecedented Get Out the Vote operations up-and-running in Montana. I’ve seen some folks trying to compare these two operations. Let me tell you, unless you’ve got a background in field organizing and have really had a chance to get inside info from the two side’s field operations, you’re probably not in a great position to judge which side is doing the better job. By all indications, though, both sides are running extremely strong.
  • Gallup is polling Tester way up: 50-41. My gut? I don’t believe it. We may be up. We ain’t up 9. I think we’re up 1 or 2. That’s more in line with other polling. A 1 or 2 point race is also one that will be determined by turnout.
  • Early voting is way, way up. This one is across the board. Yellowstone is looking at 20,000 early voters. Missoula County is looking at 15,000. Cascade has had 11,000 or so. County offices are also seeing walk-in voters (people who were unregistered). How many of these are there? As far as I know, no one has firm numbers on that. Who do they help? Good question. My gut says new voters help challengers, as few people get excited by incumbents, but we’ll see. Both sides are spinning hard on early voters. We’ll see which team actually delivered.

Alright, that’s it for now. My guess is that we’re probably out of new polls except for the one that matters. In spite of the recent surge for Burns, the consensus view is still that we’re in the driver’s seat in Montana. TradeSports has us up. Most folks are still predicting a Tester victory.


  1. squid

    You can run but you can’t hide, Matt. I know this was just a trick to get rid of us trolls. It is puzzling, however, that you went from leftinthewest to 24 blackbirds baked in a pie. Got any idea what you’re going to name your new location? How about

  2. athene-owl

    I just voted early at the Missoula County courthouse, fifteen minutes before the cutoff for absentee ballots (noon) and there was a line out the door. It was a pretty charged environment. One guy said he hadn’t voted for ten years.

  3. Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers!

    Tadpole, glad to see you’re still out there! Keep that ten spot handy, for on Wednesday, I’ll post my address for you! You DO remember our little side bet, doncha? Tester by ten for ten! Heck, now, even TEN seems a little low! Corny could get dumped by twenty, who knows?

  4. jhwygirl

    let me just say “whew!” it’s pretty tough without my 5-time-a-day dose of leftinthewest…but at least I know where to find you!

    If you need funds, email me…

  5. squid

    You’re easy. Larry. I guess you’ve already forgotten that the actual bet was 10 bucks straight up, but if you insist on giving me the ten point spread I’ll damn sure take it.

    Hey, Matt. How about “theleftbestplace” for your new domain name?

    jhwygirl…if I lose my bet with Larry, could you forward ten bucks to him until I get my welfare check? I’d appreciate it.

  6. Charles in Montana

    Yes Matt, I miss reading your blog. You can call the next one Blue Montana.

  7. John Manaras

    A note to Matt Singer.
    Although Missoula-born and Havre-raised, I have lived in New England, New York and London since leaving Montana for college in 1963. We still visit often and I follow(ed) for political news. I was shocked to see the domain name expiration pirates got you, but I know that it does happen.
    When you have a new home could you drop me an email with the new address?
    Congrats to Jon Tester! Did I see that he lost in his home county (Chouteau)?
    Keep up the work.
    John Manaras

  8. BRET

    Yeah!!! montana is an indigo state!!! Still seeing a bit of red but all involved with the tester campaign and the blue side nationwide need to take a bow! Well done sir. Well done! P.S. I’d like to talk to you sometime so email me your phone number. I know your probably busy as hell right now but I have a BB phone now and can call home more often now.

    Wishing I was there with you,
    Bret “Tune in Tokyo” Thompson

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    […] And you know what? Things look very good for the Democrats right now in Montana, based on anecdotal evidence. Here’s a comment from athene-owl here in Missoula: […]

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