Struck by a car full of undecideds

By Jay Stevens 

On the way home tonight, on my bike in the dark and light rain, I was struck by a car as I was crossing Russell street. I had lights, front and back, and the right-of-way, but I still felt like an idiot: never trust a car at an intersection turning left onto a busy street.

I’m fine. My bike…is…okay. My seat’s a little twisted maybe. I picked it up for sixty bucks a couple of years ago and hate it, so that’s not so bad.

The good news: the car was full of undecided voters. After we established that I was okay, exchanged phone numbers just in case the bike was trashed, I asked them who they were voting for. They didn’t know. “Jon Tester,” I said. “You just hit me on my bike: vote for Jon Tester.”

Who knows? Maybe after the adrenaline wears off, they’ll actually follow through.

I got my undecided voters! How about you? I do, however, recommend using different tactics.

Isn’t this fun?


  1. Man! You really do go all out don’t you? That’s got to be one of the best election eve stories I’ve ever heard…

  2. Yeah Jay, do what it takes!

  3. That is taking one for the team. I’ll see if I can get myself run over tomorrow for the cause. :)

  4. That was actually me. I was trying to keep you from getting to the polls.


  5. Wow, and here I thought letting strangers into my car to take them to the polls was dedicated. Letting strangers hit me with a car brings dedication to a whole different level.

    Glad you’re OK.

  6. Mark

    After reading some of your most recent posts it’s difficult to determine whether either divine intervention played a role in your “accident” or if it is just a work of fiction. One can assume a police report was filed if for nothing else than to protect yourself should future medical problems arise…

  7. No, Mark, no police report was filed. I’m uninjured and was able to bike home. But if you don’t believe me — and shame on you! — you can always come over and look at my bike for proof.

  8. I’m still puzzled Jay — how did you know which car to dive in front of? I love this one. I’m just glad you’re OK.

  9. Punky

    glad to hear you are ok- at least you didn’t hit a parked car like dad (it runs in the family!) Hoping your hard work pays off today – I’m keeping an eye out on Montana! Very exciting! Taking the kid to the polls tonight – last time we went to vote – she wanted to know where the “boat” was!

  10. And here, I thought the ‘undecided voter’ was more mythical than the Unicorn. While phone-banking today one of my fellow callers actually talked to 4 undecided voters (all from one sheet of numbers). HOw can anyone still be undecided on ELECTION DAY?

  11. Bob

    Way to go Jay! Don’t make a habit of this, though. The shock of a whole carful of undecideds would be enough to knock me off my bike. I heard an interview with some undecideds, and many are just looking for a sign – you gave it to them, hopefully.

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