by Matt Singer

Someone has to do it.

  • Jon Tester wins by 1.5%. He henceforth is known as “Landslide” Jon.
  • Populist Sherrod Brown wins election to the U.S. Senate by a wide margin in what was supposed to be one of the closest elections of the cycle. The DLC’s collective head explodes.
  • Self-described democratic socialist Bernie Sanders wins election to the U.S. Senate by a wide margin (including attracting a number of Republican votes). Libertarian’s heads explode.
  • Democrats pick up a U.S. House seat in either Idaho or Wyoming. Hell freezes over.
  • Democrats win the Governorship of Colorado and possibly of Idaho, leaving the Rocky Mountain states (with the exception of Utah, and possibly Idaho) firmly blue at the state level.
  • Democrats may lose the Montana House, but not without picking up some unlikely seats (and I still think they take both chambers in Montana; it’s the PSC that I’m unsure of).
  • Conrad Burns finds a good-paying job with big oil, the telecomms, the big financial companies, or, simply, with Leo Giacometto.

Anyone else got predictions?

  1. TMM

    Lots of lawyers will earn lots of money in the course of ‘determining’ voter intent. We may know in a week who has control of the Senate. The sun will come up on Wednesday morning.

  2. TMM

    About 5 minutes after the sun comes up, everyone will start debating the 2008 Presidential election.

  3. Big Swede

    I’m predicting a big turnout-and a big turnout bodes disaster for the donks!

  4. Steve

    No matter who is elected, the world will go on with no real change.

  5. Pete Talbot

    The PSC race:
    It’s a hinky district, running from the Flathead all the way down to Helena. However, if the voters choose Taylor, who was an initial sponsor of the electricity deregulation bill, over consumer activist Toole, may their utility rates triple.

  6. Lamnidae

    Your insight flies in the face of every piece of conventional wisdom I’ve ever heard about turnout Big Swede. Big turnout most definitely means Montana’s got a new Senator. Why do you think the GOP is actively suppressing the vote all around the country?

  7. Pronghorn

    Instant karma’s going to get him
    Gonna knock him right on the head…

    Burns will lose. Instant Karma will get him and turn him into a woman in the Marianas Islands.

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