Burns Can’t Say Goodbye

by Matt Singer

The Senator-unelect from Montana is refusing to concede saying that we should wait to count all the votes. Right now, 2,847 votes separate the two. Secretary of State Brad Johnson has essentially said the race is over. The ballots remaining to be counted? Roughly 1,000 provisional ballots and an unknown number of military ballots. Assuming that there are several thousand military ballots as of yet unreturned (anyone know when they cut off counting ballots coming from military?) and that all of the provisionals get counted, it is still highly unlikely that anything reverses.

Still, Burns can’t say goodbye. No surprise there. But there’s another question I’d like to ask of Burns and his army of press flacks: Is the Senator or his campaign currently planning any lawsuits or other challenges to the results? Or are they simply waiting and seeing?

  1. Widowmaker

    Matt, FYI, military ballots have 3 weeks to be counted from the day of the election since they can be postmarked the day of the election. There are a couple of thousand ballots remaining for Guardsmen and Red Horse out of Great Falls. Patience is key here, Al Gore stepped on the militaries toes trying to rush those, not count those, etc. If Testers first thing elected is to do the same, I would hang my head low. Wait for every vote, especially the ones that fight to allow us to vote.

  2. readbetween

    Ah, yes. The sanctity of voting returns to the Republicans’ agenda in this, their hour of need. I’m sure that this signals a conclusion to their fetishization of fraud avoidance and a new openness to finding every vote that was cast and gently delivering it into the ever-loving bosom of mother election. How touching.

    There may be more than 1,000 provisional ballots to be counted. There were nearly that many in Missoula County alone.

  3. jhwygirl

    most of the provisional ballots in missoula were due to absentee ballots being sent, but the voter either losing it, throwing it out, or not wanting to vote absentee…those don’t need to have id brought back to the courthouse. There were lots of those here in Missoula. Lots.

  4. OK, the only problem with that article:

    Only two kinds of ballots had yet to be counted Wednesday afternoon, said Bowen Greenwood, a spokesman for Secretary of State Brad Johnson.

    Take the red pill Neo.

  5. He’ll never admit it, Shane. It’d be sweet if he did, but

    ain’t gon’hapn ..

  6. Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers!

    Windowwanker, NO ONE is fighting to “allow us to vote”! What a jerk you are, pal. Please, name me just ONE Iraqi that EVER tried to prevent an American from voting! This is little king georgie’s private “war” for the enrichment of haliburton and friends. That’s all. Don’t insult us, Windowanker!

  7. Well, Larry, Widomaker is a vet, too, and a Tester man. Don’t blame the boots on the ground for what the President decides.

  8. Shay

    Mr. Burns I was in the military. Yes, I did vote for you. Not once, but twice. However, a third would not happen. If these men and women are anything remotely like me, well, Mr. Burns you have lost. The military is not a word, it is a life of intergrity, honor, and service. Mr. Burns, intergrity means too much to us to shamelessly brush it aside and called “political”. Either you have it, or not. You must wear it, live it, and love it. One incorrect step and you have lost it. Thank-you, but no. I fear Mr. Tester, however, I fear losing my integrity above all.

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