For those of you just waking up…Jon Tester wins!

Burns unveils brilliant new campaign strategy a few hours too late. But then, why would Jason Klindt start telling the truth now? More likely is that Burns doesn’t want to talk with reporters. Or can’t, heh heh.

In other news, Mr. “we’ve got to do something about the blogs” is still in power. Class act Lindeen was sorrowfully overshadowed by the frenzy surrounding the Senate race. Montana’s loss.

Meanwhile, the minimum wage initiative swept to victory! (Mull this over my dextra friends: gay marriage is more popular than the $5.15 minimum wage…)

Courtney Lowry recaps the Senate race.

Jonathan Weber recaps the West’s races.

Western Democrat on the victories of…well…western democrats. Richard! Pombo! Gone! Outdoorsfolk of the world, rejoice! But poor Dennis R. lost a good friend.

The Big Sky Blog was there last night…with pics! I enjoyed meeting the man behind the blog. Good times!

If you witnessed any attempts at voter fraud, you may be eligible for a reward. Let’s get this cr*p out of elections, okay? That’s something we can all agree on.

Will Burns back out gracefully? Jason doesn’t think so. But based on what Burns said back in 2000, he won’t demand a recount.

Montana Jones doesn’t like Frank Miele. Um…who?

The many and varied reasons why the Republicans tanked yesterday.

Dems capture more than just the US Congress…

Democratic take over of Congress is makes Tony Blair nervous. Can you say “Downing Street Memo,” anyone?

Kevin Drum thinks yesterday’s wave was as a result of Karl Rove forgetting the center.

Rumsfeld resigns!

Hastert will step down!

  1. Dowing Street Memo. There! I said it, but doubt the Democrats will utter the words.

  2. You may be right — tho’ you may be wrong — but I am greatly amused that Tony Blair is squirming. Guilty conscience?

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