Tester wins…

Posted by touchstone 

Yay, Tester!

A bit anti-climatic, but good news. Great news. I want to run around with Missoula Tester supporters…but first I want to sleep. Anybody up for a weekend bash? Say Saturday night? I went to Great Falls to yell, scream, and shake our next Senator’s hand. I didn’t get to do that. But we can still yell. Anyhow.

Some things to mull over:

Congratulations to all you hard-working volunteers out there. We won by less than a percentage point. Your get-out-the-vote efforts worked. We neutralized the GOP’s “vaunted” machine. In Missoula, turnout was in the high sixties, and that’s not counting the same-day registration or the uncounted absentee ballots. In the end, just as many had suspected it came down to people-power. Advantage, ours.

Congratulations to Jon Tester, the new poster boy of the Western Democratic movement. Everyone in Montana, Wyoming, Idaho, Nevada, and Colorado wins. They’ll all be after us in 2008 and catering both parties’ policies towards our free-rangin’ sensibilities. Whether you’re a Democrat or a Republican, you’re going to like the extra attention paid to individual liberties, fiscal conservatism, and politicians catering to the middle class. Um, about frickin’ time.

Congratulations to Jon’s family, who went through the sh*t with him. Get some sleep.

Congratulations to the voters of Montana. You demonstrated (just barely) that character does matter. You have chosen a man who will make a great Senator. We all win. I truly believe that.

Congratulations, the United States of America. We have given you Jon Tester. Many of you do not deserve him, but y’all let things get a little out of hand back there. Ditching Rumsfeld is a very nice start…

  1. Finally! A day-after-the-election Wednesday during which I don’t need a double dose of anti-depressants! Like you, I’m feeling a bit cheated on the lack of partying bit. We went to the Park Co. Dems bash last night, but we brought a 3-year-old. Needless to say, we left before anything exciting happened.

    Now I have all this pent-up partying inside. I say we all meet in Butte on Saturday. Or maybe Helena. Somewhere in the middle.


  2. Congratulations to you and all those others who worked so tirelessly to get people to vote and to vote intellegently and more important to help the Democrats get control of the House and very possibly the Senate as well.
    The message got to the White House who immediately dumped Rumsfield…Hooray. Nice Work!

  3. I am unfamiliar with the process of commenting, but the last comment (11:32) was not touchtone but by a Massachusetts voter who was very diligently following the Tester-Burns election.

  4. Bill

    Touchtone, I sent the last two messages to congratulate you and those others who worked so hard to help Tester win this election. Great Work!! And to hear Rumsfield is out made the day even better.

  5. Balderdash

    YAY Touchstone! Congratulations! Hard work and a good heart paid off, and I couldn’t be prouder of you. Tonight’s Schlitz goes down in your honor.

  6. Yay Montana!

    Now we will need to get to work on improving our media. I cannot fathom having to work this hard towards anything that is less clear cut than how much Conrad (and Denny) did not deserve to represent us again.

    Congratulations Jon, we know you will make us proud.

  7. Awesome work, touchstone! Congratulations and THANK YOU!

  8. Punky

    Good Job Montana! What an exciting couple of days! We’ve been watching and thinking of you all night! Get some sleep and celebrate – two victories in one. Bye Bye Rumsfeld- who’s next? Any $5 bets?

  9. haha — “touchstone” in this comment thread is my dad. Pops, just log out of the blog, and you can be you again.

  10. Benjamin

    I can’t wait to hear Burns’ concession.

  11. At least you were able to do what we in Idaho were not: elect common sense moderates. At least the blue states have it. That will keep our elected ignorant (r) in check. [see: Bill Sali thinks that abortion causes breast cancer]

  12. nowatt

    may tester’s victory not only show republicans that they don’t own the heartland, but also dems and indies in blue states that they don’t either. your victorious fight in Montana gives us all, inc. yours truly in brooklyn, a lesson in how we can take back this country. huzzah!

  13. Turner

    We only went 34% for Tester in Beaverhead County, but that’s better than we usually do! We’re planning house party celebrations now. We’d be up for a big Demo mixer in Butte next Saturday (though most of us are too old to stay up too late).

    Let’s talk Lindeen into trying again in 08. She introduced herself to the state this go-around. She could win next time if she starts running tomorrow.

  14. Benjamin

    Tester did better than any Democrat in a statewide race in Ravalli County with 42%. This has been a trend here for several years now, and Tester has improved upon that trend. Good to see.

  15. Now, about that middle class tax cut …

  16. Reminds me – Clinton promised a middle class tax cut in 1992. To my knowldege, that’s the last we ever heard of it.

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