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Sunday afternoon links…

Ahoy, there, nettie! Thar’s a new blog wallowing in th’ briney deep: Montana Netroots!

Charles Johnson mulls over Conrad Burns’ place in the state’s Republican Party history.

Oh, dear. Montana seems to have something everybody wants. First Schweitzer, now this: Bill Maher (jokingly?) suggested Tester should run for President.

Many right-wingers, like this Mississippian, are going to be a little surprised that Jon Tester will be voting for progressive economic legislation and caucusing with the Democrats. At least this Nevadan realized that the GOP lost a lot of supporters because they’re just too dang right of the center.

Once again, with feeling, conservatives did not win this election.

Meanwhile, welcome another national-level journalist who realizes there is something going on out here in the West.

Now begins the squabble for credit on the Democratic victories. CQ, for example, credits Charles Schumer for the Senate victories.

Speaking of gathering laurels for this past Election Day, the Great Falls Tribune gives itself props while taking a gratuitous shot at

Sirota on the new economic populists, including the good Guv.

Oregon’s Register-Guard on new Democratic voters: the young.

Bush thinks we should be proud he didn’t cancel our elections.

Meanwhile Karl Rove looks at the GOP’s little victories…like the triumph of Joe Lieberman in Connecticut. Uh, Karl? Um, Joe’s caucusing with the Democrats.

Fox News: Liberal bloggers = terrorists. Glad to see civility is back in the public discourse.

Let the good times roll! Democrats expected to investigate military spending and the Iraq War…for starters.

Speaking of investigations…Rumsfeld, Tenet, and Gonzalez might be facing charges in German courts. See what happens when you try to give backrubs to a German chancellor?

Feingold drops out of 2008 Presidential race.

Some photoblogging of the post-election hubbub guaranteed to give you leftys the warm fuzzies.

by Jay Stevens 

Last night at the Tester victory party, state representative-elect Michele Reinhart showed up. I joked with her that she outpolled Jon Tester, because in HD 97 she won 70.47% of the vote, while Tester picked up a measly 64% of Missoula’s vote overall.

She had a six-point edge on Tester.

Of course, comparing these statistics is wrong on so many levels: Tester’s vote is for the county overall; Reinhart’s for one House Disctrict in a liberal section of a liberal city. Oh, and Tester was running against a three-term U.S. Senator with wide name recognition and who had spent, by some accounts, close to $10 million in his re-election effort; Reinhart ran against a member of Montana’s Constitution Party who had not actively campaigned at all.

So Reinhart picked up 70% against a whacked-out, paleo-conservative who wants to abolish income tax, public schooling, and the Department of Health and Human Services.

But…then…that means Burns did only six points better in all of Missoula county, which includes conservative swaths. Six points better than a right-wing extremist who didn’t campaign at all.

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