Bob Wire interviews Missoula mayor, John Engen.

Colby’s take on the“lost” Appropriations seat.

Pogie sees in Jim Webb’s WSJ editorial on class and economics the track the Democratic party should take.

Hart Williams’ epilogue on the Howie Rich initiative brouhaha.

Jack Cafferty and Glenn Greenwald contemplate the administration’s claim it can hold immigrants “indefinitely,” without trial or oversight.

Meanwhile the Patriot Act was used to bust a “mile-high club” contending couple. Inappropriate, yes, but terrorism?

Bush nominations show he’s not exactly ready for bipartisanship – or competency in government, either.

Robert Reich thinks Democrats should put aside their rancor for Bush and work on a cohesive agenda. Rick Perlstein thinks we need to start anticipating GOP cheating every election cycle.

Glenn Greenwald observes what the Democrats can learn from the 2006 gay marriage ballots.

Meanwhile, Karl Rove’s attempts to make inroads among Hispanic voters promises to be thwarted by the paleo-conservative wing of the party who wants the GOP to concentrate on the “base.” I.e., white people.

For those few who still believe Fox News is “fair and balanced,” there’s this.

Anyone catch Frontline last night about the Spokane mayor’s hijinks with gay chat rooms, the Spokesman-Review and the ensuing hubbub? Great show – definitely made you feel ambiguous about the whole scandal. But oh! the irony! The Spokesman-Review is claiming it was they who were ambushed, deceived, tricked! Get over yourselves, fellas. (Hat tip Sara.)

More about right-wing commentators and freeper-terrorist, Chad Castagana, and remembering Michelle Malkin’s and friends’ predilection for publishing the personal information of the people they don’t agree with.

Richard Dawkins on creationist thought.

Bill McKibben on corporate beneficence: “’Will business save the world?’ turns out to be the wrong question. The right question is ‘How can we structure the world so that businesses play their part in saving it?’ And the answer to that, inevitably, is politics.”

Kevin Drum on the professionalism of the blogs. I’ve said this before, I’ll say it again, amateur blogs (like this one) may never be a factor in an election again.

The story of a hapless Polish student who fell into the clutches of a fundamentalist Christian host family.

‘Tis the season to be…divisive and hateful?

  1. Dennis Gaub

    Well, blow me jiggers … Abramoff is tattling on Harry Reid. So much for ethical leadership in the new Congress. Note to Jon: you better bring a lot of disenfectant along and clean your hands after every handshake.

  2. And there’s this gem from the story, too:

    In addition to Reid, the sources say Abramoff has been most closely questioned about his contacts with Sen. Conrad Burns (R-Mont.), who was defeated in last week’s election.

    “Being defeated may have been one of the best things that ever happened to Burns,” said a source close to the investigation. “There is much more interest in members of Congress who are still in office,” the source said.

    Dang! Does that mean no indictment before New Year’s?

  3. I saw the Frontline special. I walked out of it feeling betrayed by the national press. I thought the whole thing was hilarious when I heard about it, and went into the Frontline interview expecting more of the same.

    When I was done with the show, I couldn’t help but feel a lot of sympathy for Jim West. What a terrible, terrible hackjob that was done on him. The man is a hypocrite, absolutely. But he did not deserve to have his life ruined.

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