Burns to build “coalition” to battle environmentalists everywhere

by Jay Stevens 

Here’s an intriguing bit of news: outgoing Senator Conrad Burns hinted at future plans in a speech today to the Montana Grain Growers Association convention:

Burns told the…convention that he planned to remain involved in issues such as litigation reform, taxes and fighting environmentalists – both in his last month in office and through a coalition he is helping organize.

A mysterious “coalition” to battle environmentalists? Hilarious. Sounds like he’ll be the baddie in the next Bond flick, “Gold Digger.”

But here’s the killer quote in the piece:

Burns said Thursday he wasn’t sure why he lost. The economy is good in Montana, unemployment is down, and incomes are rising, he said.

Completely unaware on so many levels. Blustering auctioneer to the end, eh? Forget about Abramoff and his shotgun mouth for a second, the economy quote is telling. As Babej and Pollack wrote in Forbes’Eight Marketing Lessons for ‘08”:

–When it comes to economics, relevance matters.

The Republican majority believed it deserved credit for strong economic numbers–low inflation and unemployment, high profits and stock indices–yet many voters didn’t see it that way. They saw higher gas prices, higher medical costs, higher interest rates–and little personal benefit from the highly touted tax cuts. If you are going to talk about the economy, make it relevant, like Ronald Reagan did with his famous question: “Are you better off today than you were four years ago?” Of course, Iraq and corruption were the key issues in the race. But when the GOP tried to throw a Hail Mary with the economy, it screamed “out of touch” to many average voters reeling under the combination of higher everyday costs, a decline in real wages and perceived erosion of their net worth as the housing market stalled.

While the most of us were being buried under rising health care, energy, and education costs, good ‘ole Connie was cuttin’ deals with Big Pharm, Big Energy, and Big Insurance. Forgetin’ the little folks was what did him in.

  1. Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers!

    I’m looking forward to doing battle with the idiot burns. But I can’t envision a fair fight, what with Corny bein’ in jail and all! What an ASS that man is.

  2. fishin' for an answer

    Bring it on, Conrad. Bring it on.

  3. Big Swede

    This couldn’t be any funnier. Not only his Conrad not going back to Missouri with his tail between his legs he now getting paid by you guy’s arch enemy, Big Oil …etc. The poor little folks are paying his pension, his health care, and the environmental defense fund wants more money to fight Conrad’s coalition. Santa Claus is coming to town…Ho, Ho, Ho, !

  4. Kilgore

    Let’s pave Montana and put in some more mines. There’s like a limitless amount of land. Come on. Manifest destiny. I hope Conrad can live long enough to accomplish such a beautiful dream!

    Not only don’t you guys believe in global warming but you believe in Santa Claus too.

  5. Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers!

    Swede, stop and T-H-I-N-K for a moment, as painful as that might be. Cornpone Burns has NEVER really been too successful at whatever he does! Sad fact. So, hiring Corny is NOT the brightest move. His “coalition” will probably end up like his business ventures in Billings, BANKRUPT! That is assuming Corny stays outta prision, which is highly doubtful. So, as an extreme enviro type of guy, I’m not real worried about an idiot like Cornpone Burns. Corny will probably end up with some honorary type position like that OTHER idiot from you party, judy mars. Ms. mars is working for the Taser company. And it appears to be working. She hasn’t been in the news as an embarrassment for a looong time. That’s what they need to do with Cornpone, hide him away somewhere and tell him to shutup! By the way, the GF Trib had a good article on these two jokers, Deeny Rheburp and Cornpone. It was like the old days, corny making a fool of himself!

  6. Big Swede

    The pains in your head Larry and it must be excruciating knowing that every time you fill your tiny wheeled hybrid Cha-ching, money lands in Conrad’s pocket. Every time you buy a drug, buy insurance, buy energy, pay taxes….Cha-ching Conrad gets a cut. But don’t worry Larry, Conrad doesn’t represent any straight jacket companies…yet.

  7. I sense a downward spiral.

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