Montana Republicans’ legislative program: “A kick to the b*lls”

by Jay Stevens 

There’s been some crowing among those on the right that Montana’s 2006 state elections were a victory for Republicans, because…well…they picked up a couple seats in the state senate, and their candidates generally out-polled Democratic nominees.

Fair enough, I suppose. While other states – like Colorado – were bleeding conservative state legislators, Montana’s GOP stemmed the flood and lost “only” their federal Senate seat. (I’ll take it!) I guess when your ideology is consistently and thoroughly rejected across the country, you take your victories where you can find them.

The only thing is, is that the Montana Republicans “won” this election with their legislative promises: the “handshake with Montana” (pdf), which said, “We will support and provide funding to reduce college tuition,” among other things.

So…what happened to this promise? “Sideshow” Scott Sales jettisoned it even before the legislature convened, and has replaced the “handshake” with “a kick to the b*lls.”

Is that the fastest dropped campaign promise, ever?

Is the “handshake” the Montana Republican Party’s “read my lips” moment?

Over on Left in the West, Matt published an email from Rep. Mike Jopek, a Democrat out of Whitefish, who reiterated the importance of education and introduced some of the legislation that will be proposed in the upcoming session. Concrete legislation, a strong interest in Montana’s children and the future of our state, coherent and reasoned rhetoric. This is your Democratic Party. No declarations of war, no promises kicked to the curb even before legislating starts, no planned obstruction of government.

So, to those GOPers crowing about “winning” state offices, how many more Montanans would have eschewed Republicans had they known the party was planning on (a) abandoning its promised platform a week after the election, (b) obstructing state government, and (c) declaring “war” on education?

  1. I was thinking about it before Mike’s email ended up in my inbox, I asked questions about it at the bottom of the earlier post (haven’t registered at Matt’s yet).

    If I had a favor to ask the rest of you Montana bloggers, it would be to walk the rest of us through the details of how all this stuff is done so that we can be more effective in using it to our (Montana’s children and everyone who will ever be connected to them) advantage.

  2. Sounds like sour grapes to me.

  3. I’m glad we agree on something, Eric!

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