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Christmas Eve links…

by Jay Stevens 

Christmas is here!

You may have already read that I’m conflicted about the holiday: having grown up in an agnostic home, sometimes the day got overrun with stuff. I’m also not terribly big on events – I’m a terrible planner, lean towards being a spendthrift, and feel lonely in crowds.

This year is different because of the kids. They’re excited about the rituals of the holidays. It’s their first “conscious” Hanukkah/Christmas season, and they were thrilled to decorate the tree and help light the candles on the menorah. (And that’s another interesting conundrum my family experiences this time of year: we’re one of those “Jewish/Christian” families – the quotes signifying culture as opposed to belief. I left religion out of the Indy Santa article for obvious reasons: that would make for a friggin’ book.) So getting the kids worked up over the holiday is its own joy.

Before I leave you with Christmas wishes, I’ve compiled some links appropriate to the day. Enjoy:

Congratulations to the Tester clan! The stork played Santa this year and visited a grandson on the Senator-elect and his wife. Man, that was one helluva year for the Testers, eh?

Let’s hope Miss Teen USA – and Montanan – Katie Blair enjoys the holiday, because this might be her last moment of piece. According to the rumor-mongers, Donald Trump is on her tail. Is it coal in Blair’s stocking tomorrow morning?

Here’s a gift that keeps on giving: pimp my nutcracker.

Last Best Place’s Mike has the perfect video for the Santa-deprived: “Give the Jew Girl Toys.”

Cthulu worshipers, gather ye round the sacrificial altar and sing “9 Days of Judgement.”

And for devotees to the Great Flying Spaghetti Monster, you, too, can celebrate with style.

I haven’t forgotten you Christians out there! Check out the world’s weirdest nativity scene

On a serious note, this time should also be taken to reflect on the lives lost because of war. Christmas reminds us we should be humble, not arrogant, when considering our actions. My condolences to the family and friends of Scott Dykman.

So Merry Christmas to you all who celebrate, and good mid-winter wishes to everybody, hoping you and yours are healthy, happy, and safe, wherever you are.

by Jay Stevens 

Al Qaeda is at it again, this time taking credit for Democratic success during the 2006 midterms. My first reaction was mirth. I mean…how ridiculous can you get? After all, one of the prime reasons Republicans lost this election was because they didn’t go after Osama bin Laden! The claim is, of course, patently ridiculous and should be considered for less time than it took for you to read this paragraph.

That, of course, didn’t stop the usual gang of idiots to claim that this statement once again “proves” that Democrats are the party of the terrorists.

I’ve talked about this before, linking to a post by Steven Taylor that pretty much describes what al Qaeda statements like this are about: propaganda for al Qaeda sympathizers and wonders why anyone would take this stuff seriously:

Of course, part of the answer is grounded in blind partisan loyalty that sees the Republicans as somehow the sole keepers of defense and security and the Democrats as the party of appeasers and cowards. Such a dichotomy is quite incorrect, but it does infuse the thinking of many.The bottom line is that yes, there are policy differences between the two parties, but the choice not between victory and defeat.

It would help our public discourse (as well as the policy making process) if we were all mindful of that fact.

However, we need to get over such thinking if we are going to make real progress in terms of the appropriate response to terrorism.

Indeed. I’d go on, but I’ve pretty much covered it all in the previous post I wrote on this: rightie rhetoric is only dividing and fueling unhinged haters. You can bet pretty much whatever al Qaeda says is bullsh*t: shame on you for believing it, propagating it, and using it to batter your ideological opponents.

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