So what’s Rick Jore up to, these days?

by Jay Stevens 

So what’s Rick Jore up to in the legislature these days? It’s a good question, because we crazed bloggers have predicted gloom and doom for the state of Montana in Jore’s appointment as chair of the House Education Committee.

So I check out the bills he’s sponsoring…and, man! Is this guy a fruitcake, or what? He certainly doesn’t mess around.

There’s a bill on hold rejecting the No Child Left Behind Act, which I could actually get behind. Of course, that’s one way to eliminate federal funding for state schools, isn’t it?

There’s another (also on hold) that would replace primary elections with a party caucus in selecting political party nominations for office. On the surface, not revolutionary, but certainly would take candidate selection out of the hands of those pesky voters. Probably would allow for real extremists to win party nominations. Still, there’s no text to this bill, so I’m making assumptions.

Then there’s his attempt to revise Montana’s same-day voter registration laws, pushing registration back to 14 days prior to elections. This is, of course, nuts. Same-day registration was wildly successful in the 2006 elections. A lot of Montanans charged the courthouse on election day, exercising their right to vote. This bill would deny some people the right to vote. Period.

And then there’s LC1171, which prohibits transferring jurisdiction to tribes of state-run lands on reservations. I’m not exactly sure what the intent of this bill is…but I suspect it’s influenced by the recent Bison Range dispute and seems to ensure that no such transfer agreement could ever happen to state lands.

The kicker bill is, of course, LC1173, which would “Constitutionally recognize life begins at conception.” Ugh. Great. Let’s hope this bill never makes it out of committee, because it’s a bald attempt to stir up a political hornet’s next.

All in all, just about what you’d expect from Jore. Let’s hope most of this stuff doesn’t even get out of committee, especially the voting changes and the whacky “life at conception” bill.

In light of the Bison Range fiasco, talking about jurisdiction changes on tribal lands isn’t a bad idea, although I’d probably be against it.

Other than that, may all of Jore’s bills die quiet deaths…

  1. Wow…that’s quite a load. I couldn’t be more against the nomination/caucus bill. What I find odd: is this a problem for the Constitutional Party? I didn’t think there was a huge fight for those positions…

  2. cass

    Hey, I went to the Dem caucus here in Missoula in 1984 and it was a hoot! Anyone can go to ’em. But I always wondered why there were caucuses that year and not in other election years. Was it about making sure Mondull won??

  3. Jay,

    I am surprised you missed the BIG one – the one he ran his campaign on.$BSIV.ActionQuery?P_BILL_DFT_NO5=LC1175&Z_ACTION=Find

    He has talked at length on this bill and it is his “jewel in the crown”. In short, he wants to completely eliminate the requirement that children have to attend school.


  4. Thanks for mentioning that, Moorcat. I didn’t want to comment on too many bills that were missing text, because I could only guess what, exactly, was in them…

    Keep an eye on it! When the text hits the ‘Net, let’s…er…”comment” on it…

  5. Trent Hill


    your text on the Party caucus bill is completely misinformed. The nomination Caucus is about the STATE not paying for the Conventions.

  6. your text on the Party caucus bill is completely misinformed

    Not completely misinformed, Trent, completely uninformed. The text of the bill was missing, and I don’t know the issue. It was pure guesswork. Drop me a line at with bill text when it becomes available, then I promise to make an informed post about it…

  7. Trent Hill


    If you did not know the text of the bill, or had not been directly informed by an official working closely with Jore, then it was a Purposefully Destructive post.

    Which brings me to my next point.
    Im not sure why you are so scared of this one man. It is only one legislator (albiet in a more powerful position than he usually would be) and one small party. I think perhaps you are afraid of this movement gaining ground and offering more competition.
    Again I ask you, if you are such a proponent of Capitalism, why are you so scared of the competition? More competition breeds better products.

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