Did Bush escalate…into Iran and Syria?

by Jay Stevens 

According to Steven Clemmons of The Washington Note, Bush’s escalation has already spilled over into Syria and Iran:

Washington intelligence, military and foreign policy circles are abuzz today with speculation that the President, yesterday or in recent days, sent a secret Executive Order to the Secretary of Defense and to the Director of the CIA to launch military operations against Syria and Iran.

The President may have started a new secret, informal war against Syria and Iran without the consent of Congress or any broad discussion with the country.

Clemmons also has excerpts from Condi Rice’s appearance before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, in which she dodges direct questioning on the matter:

SEN. BIDEN: Secretary Rice, do you believe the president has the constitutional authority to pursue across the border into Iraq (sic/Iran) or Syria, the networks in those countries?

SEC. RICE: Well, Mr. Chairman, I think I would not like to speculate on the president’s constitutional authority or to try and say anything that certainly would abridge his constitutional authority, which is broad as commander in chief.

I do think that everyone will understand that — the American people and I assume the Congress expect the president to do what is necessary to protect our forces.

Chuck Hegel later makes it clear that he’s going to be very, very angry if Bush has escalated right over into Iran and Syria.

Is this the Bush administration’s idea of engaging in “diplomatic talks” with regional powers?

It’s been said – often, and with complete accuracy – that Iraq is George W Bush’s Vietnam. Apparently not satisfied with only a partial similarity to the country’s greatest foreign policy, political, and military debacle, he’s gone ahead and created his own Cambodia, too.

Look out, folks: we have a rogue president on our hands.

  1. Squid

    “Chuck Hegel later makes it clear that he’s going to be very, very angry if Bush has escalated right over into Iran and Syria.”

    So what is this wussy RINO going to do about it? Hopefully he’ll change and move over to the donkey party cause he’s been acting like a jackass for some time now.

  2. Yes, Squid, people who disapprove of abject stupidity within their own party are “wussies.”

    Well said.

  3. Squid

    Yeah, and if you’re a former democrat like Joe Lieberman you’re even worse, huh, Steve T. I guess you forgot about him.

  4. Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers!

    Bush is quite mad. Oh, and did I mention evil too? My GOD when are the American people and Congress going to put a stop to this idiot?! Of COURSE he’s going into Iran. For that’s what his neocon think tank has had in mind the entire time. He must be stopped. But I don’t think Congress has the cojones to do it. We could very well be screwed!

  5. Squid- if you can find any point at which I’ve referenced Lieberman in any way or been mad at him for abandoning the party which I criticize more often than I do the Republicans, let me know.

    Until then, you might as well stick to the fantasy that everyone who disagrees with you is some kind of hypocrite because apparently we’re all members of the same party. The actions of all the democratic congressman apparently speak to my character. Well then I guess I’m screwed.

  1. 1 Yep, They’re That Stupid « Piece Of Mind

    […] 11th, 2007 More on the war spilling across borders, courtesy of […]

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