Shane’s Links…

by Shane Mason 

Todays links are brought to you by Shane Mason (me). To take a bit of the burden off Jay, I volunteered to do the links page for him once a week. This ia another part of my plan to save the world, one blog at a time. Since I’ll only be doing the links page once a week, I’ll be including links from the whole week.

My favorite band in the world was inducted into the Rock & Roll hall of fame: REM is from Athens Ga, just a few miles down the road from my home town.

John Edwards is doing a heck-of-a-job getting ahead of the game and looking toward the matchup in November 08. I still haven’t decided, but I am impressed so far.

Ever wondered how good googlefight would be at predicting elections?

The $100 laptop from the One-Laptop-Per-Child project may go on sell to the public. How does the deal work? Buy 2: keep 1 and share 1. Not a bad idea.

An update on Mass. Gov. Patricks first week in office. Looking good so far.

Dr Charles Wheelan makes an argument on why income inequality matters. A bigger pie or a bigger slice? This is an important piece.

Keith Olbermann delivers a fantastic special comment on Bush’s legacy.

V discusses Judy Martz President and War Powers Theory.

PJFinn discusses his Bush appointment theory.

Feral Cat is live blogging at Left in the West from the Media Reform Conference in Memphis. Check it out.

Pogie on the GOP’s understanding of American working families. Jason on Montana GOP legislature’s ‘screw the voters’ attitude. They’re on fire over there this week.

Moorcat is continuing his series on city government, but has fallen ill. Get well and back in the battle.

OK, that concludes my first attempt at sharing links with you. If you want to find more of my writing, I am at Montana Netroots, the Wrongdog’s Lifechest and Left in the West.

  1. man, that “googlefight” link is a time cancer…

    thanks, Shane!

  2. Squid

    I don’t see the link to Pelosi’s hypocrisy on the minimum wage bill where she exempted a major company in her San Francisco district.

    Probably just an oversight so here it is:

  3. Oh that’s not a biased source or anything.

  4. Squid

    Oh, so even if it’s true, the fact that it doesn’t come from a liberal source invalidates it , huh? It wouldn’t come from a liberal source, to start with, since they wouldn’t be interested just like they’re not interested in the fact that some dip from West Virginia who is under investigation by the FBI is also the the chairman of a sub-committee that determines funding for the FBI. I won’t bother with a link. Not even two weeks into the new regime and the septic tank already needs to be emptied. Hey, Jon, maybe you need to recycle some of this stuff for your farm back in Montana. Course coming from these people it probably isn’t recyclable.

  5. Based on the source, I wouldn’t be surprised if it weren’t taken out of context, like, say, the minimum wage bill doesn’t cover any of the territories or something.

    Have I ever said that Democrats are all pure and righteous? Honestly, even if the allegations are true, it’s not evidence of the kind of endemic and systematic corruption the GOP engaged all the way to the President’s office.

    You may or may not be aware of this, but Jon recently voted with Republicans on an earmark reform bill, against the Democratic leadership. That’s exactly why I supported him.

    Seriously, you may not Tester’s stances on everything, but he is an honest man working towards reform.

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