Patriots v. Colts

by Jay Stevens 

Many of you know my football team is the New England Patriots. So I’m a little shocked to have been eliminated by the Colts and Payton Manning. Last night’s game felt like a turning-point — the 2001 World Series, say, when the D-Backs won game 7 off of Mariano Rivera.

The good news is that I never saw the end of the game. My brother-in-law Tivo’d it while we put the little ones to bed (mommies and grandparents off galavanting). Only he didn’t manually override the time of the game on Tivo, so the recording stopped with 3 minutes and 49 seconds left, the Patriots up by 3 and with the ball.

I had assumed they won.

Instead, Tom Brady couldn’t get it done, and Peyton Manning drove the Colts 80 yards in the waning moments of the game for the winning touchdown. Peyton Manning??? (What the hell happened? Did the pain in his thumb force him to stop thinking so much?)

For me, however, there will always be 3:49 in the game, Patriots with the ball and a 3-point lead, Manning on the sideline shaking his injured thumb and Dungy making his I’m-Tony-Dungy-I-Can’t-We’re-Going-To-Lose-To-The-Patriots-Again Face. In my little world, all is still right.

  1. God, I hate the way TIVO handles sporting events. Great ending, though. I was sure that Brady was going to manage to win the game with 1:00 left. Manning couldn’t even watch.

    Colts 34, Bears 10 in another less than thrilling Super Bowl.

  2. is there any possibility the Super Bowl will be cancelled? I cannot stand that I will possibly have to choose between the Bears and Manning. Ugh.

  3. Big Swede

    Never let your offspring interfere with football. This rabid Bears fan is having his wife induce labor early so he won’t miss the game.

  4. Brady’s got 3 rings, peyton’s got none. Brady played a solid game, and Marlin Jackson made a big play to snag the last interception… Brady will be back…

  5. Ty

    As the thankfully unnamed “brother in law” I need to defend myself. I had never used TIVO before, and it was my parents’ TV. However, I was very enamored with the “stopping live action” function, and am thinking about getting TIVO. So what’s the deal with sporting events? Do you always have to manually override? Anyway, sorry Jay!

  6. Jeanne

    This was a great game to watch; superb football! I can only hope that the Colts/Bears are as exciting. Are you ready for some football? Because after Super Bowl, it’s a long dry off season :(

  7. It’s true I didn’t want to drag your good name into this, Ty. I also forgot to mention the fever that overtook me in the fourth quarter. I sat there shivering on the couch as the game progressed. A weird evening, indeed.

    BTW, I feel better already, tho’ I still a deep-seated cough. It kinda adds credence to Spike’s claim the game made me ill, but I think it was the twins’ pink eye.

  8. Interestingly enough, in my mind the playoffs are still in the first week, about halfway through the second quarter, with the Jets beating the Patriots 10 to 7.

    Did I miss something?

  9. 65 days, 3 hours, 59 minutes and 30 seconds until opening day.

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